Spelled: rich cereal, but beware of gluten

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Spelled is a nutrient-rich cereal, with a high content of selenium, useful against free radicals and for intestinal and heart health. Let's find out more about its qualities and why it is not suitable for celiac disease.


Spelled, this new ancient cereal

Lately we find spelled in salads, farrotti, soups, bread even in desserts!

Spelled, an ancient cereal, has recently been rediscovered by restaurants and trattorias and proposed as a "new" alternative cereal, often associated with kamut or rye, on the tables of many el paeseni.

Spelled (Triticum dicoccum) also called spelled, to differentiate it from the monococcus, it is a cereal that belongs to the Graminaceae family, rich in nutrients, but not suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten or suffer from celiac disease. Let's see why.


Spelled and celiac disease, why not?

Very often, when alternative cereals to rice or wheat are found on the table, the classic pasta to be clear, if we are intolerant we find ourselves at a crossroads: this "new" cereal will or will not be allowed in my diet?

In the case of spelled, there is a lot of confusion: being a particularly nutritious and healthy cereal, it is often wrongly included in the list of foods suitable for intolerant people. We must not fall into the trap, however, as always of gluten it deals with.

In fact, spelled contains a moderate amount, less high and in more digestible form compared to that of the classic wheat, which however is not sufficient to give guarantees against any risks.

Also the minimum amount of gluten it can in fact affect the delicate intestinal system of the celiac, causing damage or bad absorption of precious substances for the body. The good thing is also that the emmer has a low glycemic index, for which it is particularly suitable for those who practice sports, for those with diabetes problems or for sedentary jobs.

As seen, being more digestible, it is also more suitable for those who suffer from problems of a simply digestive nature.

For those who are celiac then are not allowed neither spelled in grains, peeled or pearled that is, neither spelled flour or a lot of time breadsticks, wraps, pasta o spelled bread.  


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The properties of spelled

Spelled constitutes one good source of vitamins and minerals for the organism. Contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, E in addition to calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and potassium. It is a good source of protein and iron and it contains a lot fiber.

Its main property, however, lies in the content of selenium and phytic acid which counteract the action of free radicals, the main causes of aging and all forms of cellular degeneration.

Curiosity: spelled is an ancient cereal of poor and peasant origin, much loved in Tuscany, especially in Luca and in the Garfagnana, used in many recipes, from soups to salads, even in desserts. With the name spelled, both Triticum dicoccum, the real spelled, and Triticum spelta, the so-called farricello or false farro, which can also be cooked without soaking and tends to knead once cooked, also not suitable for celiacs.


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