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An ancient food (it was already part of the diet of Neolithic men), spelled has now been elected a cereal symbol of a healthy and nutritious cuisine. Provided, however, that you choose the right one among the many offered on the market, different for processing but also for composition.

«The fundamental thing is that there is a good balance between fiber and protein, just like in the winners of this lab », he underlines Diana Scatozza, dietician in Milan. “Furthermore, it is important that there is a limited carbohydrate content: some products were rejected because they had them in excess and at the expense of other nutrients ».

Winning diversity

Among the different varieties, the monococcus is considered the oldest and also the tastiest: «Among the winners, one belongs precisely to this typology and is also integral, that is deprived only of the external inedible parts», Comments the food technologist Giorgio Donegani. "But there are also two pearlescent ones, that is, which have undergone theelimination of all the external part more or less deeply (the greater the processing, the whiter it is to the eye), and one sprouted, or subjected to a treatment to activate certain enzymes which improve its digestibility ".

Regardless of the manufacturing processes, thebiological origin (or from integrated agriculture) it turned out to be another rewarding factor. "As well as thehomogeneity of the shape and size of the beans, as well as the absence of too many fragments or other impurities in the bag. Also, in my evaluation I have rewarded the products that showed no obvious color differences», Adds the expert.

The test of the cook

«Cooked according to the times indicated, the winners have kept a attractive appearance, without pulping, and an odor devoid of anomalous scents (which are also absent in the others). The flavor was intense, without strange notes and without communicating a slimy sensation in the mouth », concludes the expert.

Pieve a Salti farm

3,05 € 500 g (6,10 €/kg)


The strong point

The intense flavor


The typology

Whole organic monococcus spelled.


The judgment

A wholemeal, organic product that does not require soaking and is ready in just 22 minutes. The beans are quite small (as per variety), with a regular shape and a rather dark homogeneous color. Once cooked, they have the right consistency, not at all slimy, and a pleasantly intense flavor.


Nutrients in 100 g

4,03 g of fat, 53,52 g of carbohydrates (of which 2,8 g sugars), 16,43 g of fiber, 13,57 g of protein, 0,003 g of salt, 377 calories.

Nature Yes

1,39 € 500 g (2,78 €/kg)


The strong point

The price ratio


The typology

Organic dry pearl spelled.


The judgment

Compared to the other 3 it has more carbohydrates and less fiber, but also low in fat. Cooked in 30 minutes without the need for soaking, it is inviting, with a light but characteristic aroma and an ok consistency. The flavor is just the right amount of intensity, with no abnormal notes. Excellent quality / price ratio, also considering the organic origin.


Nutrients in 100 g

2 g of fat, 71 g of carbohydrates (of which 1 g sugars), 5,6 g of fiber, 12 g of protein, 0,02 g of salt, 361 calories.

Poggio del farro

3,45 € 275 g (12,55 €/kg).


The strong point

High digestibility


The typology

Whole sprouted spelled from integrated agriculture.


The judgment

By sprouting the seedling, some enzymes are activated that improve the digestibility of this particular spelled. Cooked in 20 minutes without soaking, it is appreciable for its consistency (typical of wholemeal products) and for its intense and typical flavor. The only drawback: the high price.


Nutrients in 100 g

2,9 g of fat, 65 g of carbohydrates (of which 1,2 g sugars), 8,5 g of fiber, 12 g of protein, 0 g of salt, 352 calories.

New Earth

2,59 € 400 g (6,47 €/kg)


The strong point

The origin of the country


The ingredients

Pearl spelled


The judgment

It is not of organic origin, but it is grown in the country. No soaking is required, but a rinse is recommended. After 25 minutes of cooking it has a good consistency, an attractive appearance and a fairly intense typical taste, without defects. The price is medium-high.


Nutrients in 100 g

1,3 g of fat, 65 g of carbohydrates (of which 2,7 g sugars), 6,8 g of fiber, 12,1 g of protein, 0,02 g of salt, 187 mg of phosphorus, 3,75 mg of iron, 351 calories.

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