Speed ​​calculation

    Speed ​​calculation

    Speed ​​Calculation Formulas

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    Speed ​​is calculated by dividing the distance by the time it takes to cover it. In the SI (International System of Units), speed is expressed in meters per second (m / som * sec-1), since distance and time are expressed in meters (m) and seconds (s) respectively.

    Summarizing everything in a formula, we would have that:

    Calculation Speed ​​(m / s) = Distance in meters / Time in seconds

    The calculation of the speed is therefore a fairly simple operation; more "problems" can instead be encountered in expressing it with different units of measurement, for example when one is asked to convert from m / s to Km / h and vice versa. Let's get to the answer step by step.

    Conversioni m/s - Km/h

    Keeping in mind that one hour equals 3600 seconds (60 minutes x 60 seconds each), walking at a constant speed of one meter per second travels 3600 meters (3,6 km) per hour. We can therefore state that:

    1 m/s = 3,6 Km/h

    Since this is a simple equation, to calculate a known speed in km / h in m / s we must multiply it by 3,6. Conversely, to switch from Km / ham / s the speed must be divided by 3,6.

    • From m / s to km / h: multiply the speed by 3,6
    • From km / ham / s: divide the speed by 3,6

    If we want to know how many centimeters per minute a speed of 27 decimeters per hour equals, we have to think in a similar way. We therefore have that 27 decimeters equals 270 centimeters, while one hour is equivalent to 60 minutes; therefore, 27 dm / h is equivalent to 4,5 cm / min (270/60).

    Automatic calculation of speed

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