Sometimes we cry so many tears to fill the ocean

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Sometimes we cry so many tears to fill the ocean

Last update: 01 March, 2016

Crying doesn't need tears: the tear is the externalized representation of crying, but it can also be internalized. In this case, it does not find representation in a visual element, but in the knot that blocks us inside. Both types of crying involve torment, and sometimes lead to the person's suffocation.

Crying that does not find an exteriorization is usually the truest. We don't really know how it happens, we suddenly find ourselves trapped in something we feel inside and from which we find no escape. It becomes part of us to the point that we no longer know how to distinguish between our limits and his: it almost always exceeds us in size.

“True pain cannot be expressed in words. If you can talk about what's troubling you, you're lucky - it means it's not that important after all. Because when the pain hits you all of a sudden, the first to miss is the word. I mean when the pain is so strong that you can't believe it was born inside you; indeed, it is like being crushed by a boulder. "

 -Rose Montero-

The value of a tear

You have felt the pain on your skin and you know what it feels like when something rips your soul: days that feel like months, months that feel like years. The will to live one more day shines in its absence. Nights spent in silence to the sound of your screams.

The moral of all this refers to the concept of tear: the essence that is released from one's own tears or from that of others. Tears have the power to bring people closer than smiles, pain can act as a bridge for mutual knowledge.

“I know those tears that do not fall and that are consumed in the eyes, I know that happy pain, that kind of painful happiness, that being and not being, that having and not having, that wanting and not being able.

-Jose Saramago-

We know we can identify with that being and not being, wanting and not being able. This is why we get in tune with those who open up to us and have experienced the same pain that we have known. Tears are confirmation that we humans feel in different ways, but we have the same feelings.

You will be able to overcome the shipwreck

We come into the world crying, we take the air to let out all that pains us. But slowly we will learn to draw a lesson from the knot that is within us, defeating him.

The knot will untie and the pain will become an indelible mark, the imprint of our passage in life. It will accompany us wherever we go, but there will come a day when it will be just a thing of the past. We will have passed the shipwreck, and these words will appear more true than ever: sometimes we cry so many tears to fill the ocean. We must not allow ourselves to be drowned in them.

We will not drown, even if we have water in our throats. We will remember, perhaps, that cold cannot exist without fire as well. Thanks to all our efforts, we will find people willing to give us the warmth we so much need. But friends will also come without us asking, without any effort, when we need them most.

“Don't give up, you still have time

to arrive and start over,

accept your shadows, bury your fears,

free yourself from what oppresses you, take flight.

Don't give up because this is life,

continue the journey,

chasing dreams,

melt time,

avoid the rubble and free the sky [...] "

-Mario Benedetti, 'Don't give up'-

Don't give up, cry, but don't give up. Life needs people who get up after a fall, who learn to hit rock bottom and who can teach others to do so. In life, all of us need people who are able to cry and, at the same time, understand their own tears.

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