Somatotype | The Ideal Workout For Every Physical Form

Somatotype | The Ideal Workout For Every Physical Form
A Workout for Every Somatotype

Draw up a training plan for i your personal goals requires a lot more attention than just copy and paste from your athlete friend's card, or that guy who's bodybuilding in your own gym.

Sure, most workout plans may work for a large chunk of people, but to really get the benefit, they should be specific to you and your physique.

We all have different physique, with different origin and point of intersection of muscles, different length of muscles and limbs, and so on.

The various metabolisms work slightly differently from person to person, so the typical one-size-fits-all approach may not lead to the results you were aiming for.

A training plan or diet should be created specifically for YOU.

Start by discovering which somatotype you belong to….


The 3 Main Somatotypes

1) Ectomorfo:

The classic "hard gainer":

  • Has difficulty gaining weight.
  • It typically has little fat mass.
  • Minute skeletal structure.
  • Short joints and long limbs.
  • Fast metabolism.
  • Difficulty gaining weight or muscle.

2) Endomorfo:

Typically larger:

  • Gain weight easily.
  • He typically has a softer physique.
  • Gain more weight.
  • Larger and wider joints.
  • Shorter limbs.
  • Slow metabolism
  • Naturally stockier structure.
  • Finds it difficult to lose weight.

3) Mesomorfo:

Gain muscle and lose weight easily.

  • Naturally robust physique.
  • Wide joints.
  • Athletic and muscular.
  • Naturally muscular.
  • Long, round stomach.
  • Responds faster to resistance training than ectomorphs.


Each of these 3 types requires slightly different training plans in order to respond to different needs and obtain the desired results.

Follow the right plan based on your body type, along with a good and healthy diet, a smart range of supplements and the right determination, it will lead you to get a fitter version of yourself!

Read on to see which exercises and basic diets suit various body structure plans ...

Exercises, Diet and Supplements for Every Somatotype

  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph
  • Mesomorph


1) Ectomorfo

Ectomorphs need to focus their efforts on heavy, composite workouts, and less on isolated exercises:

  • Squat.
  • Unilateral auction i.
  • Stretches.
  • Bench press.
  • Shoulder press.
  • Leg press.

These are examples of movements you should focus on, with progressive overload and a repetition range between 6 and 10.

Take longer rest periods: 2-5 minutes of rest if you are lifting heavier weights, to stimulate muscle fibers to grow.



? Don't be afraid of carbohydrates - they are increasingly important in pre- and post-workout meals. An example would be the instant oats carbohydrate set - they are high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates. for faster digestion.

High protein intake to support tissue repair of muscles and their growth.

Don't hold back fromeat "healthy" fats, eg avocado, fish, nuts.

Eating protein before bed keeps your body energized for overnight recovery, and keeps it in an anabolic state.


Recommended supplements


  • Creatine: Increase your strength to support heavy workouts.


  • Impact Whey Protein: Essential in contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. This supplement is very versatile - you can take it whenever you like - along with breakfast, as a snack, eg in pancakes, muffins, etc. Highly recommended!


  • BCAA: Branch Chain Amino Acids are ideal for muscle recovery. BCAA tablets (or powder) can help repair your muscle fibers after a grueling workout. This recovery allows for an additional buildup of muscle in addition to the one being repaired. Great!


  • ZMA: Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. This combination, available in convenient capsules, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles. In addition, it also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue as well as the regulation of hormonal activity.

2) Endomorph

Endomorphic physicists are more suitable for full body, composite, resistance to heavy weight and high frequency workouts, associated with frequent cardiovascular exercises. What a pain!

  • Circuit training.
  • Routine of full body workout focused on large muscle groups, eg back and legs to stimulate more muscles and burn as many calories as possible.
  • Do a lot of repetitions, about 15-20: short rests of 45-60 seconds to keep your heart rate high.
  • La cardio phase should be done every day: LISS ("Low Intensity Steady State Cardio") and / or HIIT (“High Intensity Interval Training”) depending on the current physical state, for at least 30 minutes a day.


? Be strict with your calorie intake, because you have to make sure that you burn more calories than you are consuming.

Assume 5-6 small meals to control blood glucose levels, prevent overeating and hunger, with a low intake of carbohydrates. Always include high-weight proteins in these meals to slow the release of glycogen into the bloodstream, thereby regulating blood sugar levels.

? Keep the fats in your diet to a minimum, eg with fish, vegetable butter, avocado etc.

Recommended supplements

The new MyProtein pre-workout anti-fatigue formula, for so much more energy and constant concentration in every workout. Its combination of: 400 mg of caffeine, for energy and focus, 4 g of BCAAs, for muscle recovery, 4 g of creatine, for strength and power, and 3 g of beta-alanine, to improve your physical performance, it will really help you to reach high levels.

  • Impact Diet Whey Protein: An essential and versatile supplement, which can be used at breakfast, as a snack or in place of meals, depending on the dose. MyProtein Impact Diet Whey Protein provides a composition of low molecular weight carbohydrates and proteins, in addition to Green Tea Extract, which contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass, as well as helping to lose the desired amount of weight / fat


  • Omega 3: The super supplement! Omega 3 fish oil has been cited in many health and fitness columns as a substance capable of reducing joint pain and contributing to the functioning of the heart. It is also believed to help raise metabolism, leading to a faster weight loss rate. Omega 3 fish oil is available in the form of oil, or in handy small gel packs.


  • Vegetable blend of superfoods: A great product for those who lack - or just want more - vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables in their diet. Total Nutri Greens contains 22 different food components, such as wheat, Chlorella, broccoli, spinach leaves, Acerola berries and Spirulina. Add it to your meals, smoothies or supplements… now!


Choose what's best for your body by using specific sets, reps and rest periods that have a targeted effect on your training.

Don't follow the crowd - follow our advice and create your own special training schedule.

Use an intelligently chosen set of supplements, work hard, be consistent and the results will show ...

Best of luck!


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