Small guide to the preparation of sprouts

Small guide to the preparation of sprouts

A dip in the shoots 

It is not food for connoisseurs or abstruse food for hardened new ages. The sprouts they are the basis of life, and of many drinks whose preparation requires their use, think of beer and whiskey, for example, which derive fromsprouted barley. In addition to the development of the seed, it must be taken into account that foods such as asparagus derive from the buds of plants and according to the same criterion we find the hop sprouts and those of bamboo. 

The sprouts are very rich in nutrients, as the seed, developing to give life to a new plant, is a concentrate of salts and vitamins.

Bring the sprouts to the kitchen: add them to vegetables, use them in soups, be sure they will enrich your salads; they have an intense flavor and many nuances of taste: from the pleasant and sweet of alfalfa sprouts (alpha alpha) or sesamo to the most determined of mustard sprouts or garlic.


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How to prepare the sprouts

To prepare the sprouts you will have to select the seeds, discarding the damaged ones until you get to calculate an approximate quantity of 30-40 g., And then put them to soak in a bowl. Times are approx 6 hours for alfalfa, fenugreek and other seeds of comparable size. Instead, let's stay on 10-12 hours soaking for beans, soy, wheat, etc.

After soaking you can rinse the seeds and put them in the pots or in the sprouting plant when they are well cleaned. Don't forget to wet them every day (2-3 times in winter, 3-4 times in summer). 

Once a day, remove the water from the sprouting tray. You should check daily for any formation of mold or black spots. Rinse the shoots well and remove the integument. Let them drain and dry, then use them immediately or store them in the fridge. The sprouts of legumes should be steamed or in a pan for 5 minutes before use. 


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