Small gestures that brighten the days

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Small gestures that brighten the days

Last update: February 28, 2016

When was the last time you did something that didn't cost you a lot of effort, but that pleased another person a lot? We are sure that you have often heard of small gestures of kindness; they are not difficult actions for those who do them, but they are worth a lot to those who receive them. 

A key point is that they need to be done selflessly. Any person and any moment is perfect if they push you to make a small gesture of kindness. IS very important that they are small things, easy to do.

A few minutes will be enough to complete your little gesture of kindness, and the result will be a smile that will last a whole day, for you and for those who have received your attention. Here are some small gestures of kindness that will surely inspire you every day.

1. Create a special date to celebrate someone special to you

You don't have to just wait for Christmas or Mother's Day to celebrate with your loved ones. A small gesture of kindness, which will brighten your day, will be to create a special date to celebrate a special person. For example, why don't you opt for "ice cream day with the family"? Being your own event, it will create a stronger bond between those who celebrate it and over the years it will always leave great memories in you.

Traditional dates to celebrate are special occasions. However, to be honest, Do you really need to wait for a special day, chosen by others, to celebrate your loved ones? Why don't you create your own special moments?

2. Share the day with a loved one you see little of

When was the last time you saw your grandfather? Over time, our agenda is filled with commitments, which distance us from the people most dear to us. Another small gesture of goodness that will make you happy is to visit your loved ones. Maybe it won't change much for you to mess up your plans for one night and visit your mom or a friend you haven't seen in years. It will be a special moment for that person.

Just passing by and saying hello to someone you haven't seen in a long time will show that you care about them. Surely you too would like someone to come and visit you by surprise, thus showing you that you are important.

3. Find a way to compliment someone

We are not talking about praising your child or telling your boss what a good person he is. These two things you do all the time. Among the small gestures of kindness that can change your day is praising someone you don't normally pay much attention to. When was the last time you looked at the cleaning lady in the office and complimented her on her work?

We take many things for granted when it comes to the work and effort that others have to do. This leads us to ignore the people around us. Maybe you pass by their side and you don't even realize they are there, they almost become ghosts for you. Today take a moment to these people and praise their work. A thank you or a simple smile can brighten up their whole day. 

4. Listen to someone who needs to speak

How many times have you needed someone to listen to you, but nobody was there? You will know well that this situation is painful. For this reason, another of the little acts of goodness that can brighten your day is to listen to someone who needs it. Knowing that you have helped someone and that perhaps you have given them a reason to move on will make you feel good.  

However, this small gesture is beyond how you can feel; think that you have been there for someone who needed it, and that that person will be there when the situation turns around. It is not always easy to stop for a minute to listen to others. Humans prefer to speak before listening, but this last action can be more enriching than you can imagine.

Small gestures go a long way

These small gestures of goodness will brighten your days and allow you to go beyond habits. Moreover, they are so simple that every day you will surely find the opportunity to make one, and the resulting joy will accompany you for a long time. What is your favorite? And the last one you did?

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