Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful

    Smog, temperature changes, stress ... and above all food excesses or deficiencies affect the appearance of yours skin. To conquer aepidermis more toned and luminous (in addition to having hair stronger and shinier), you have to bring the right foods to the table.

    This is stated in the book Total beauty (Sperling & Kupfer, € 19) Deepak Chopra, Indian doctor pioneer of integrative medicine, and Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist loved by the stars.

    The reason? "Everything you introduce into your body is used to build the foundations of the cellular structure", say the two experts, who propose a method to shine inside and out. Here it is, explained in detail with the help of the doctor Mariarosa Di Lella, nutritionist biologist.

    To stimulate circulation

    If the blood does not flow properly, hair, skin and nails are also affected: they appear dull and tend to age earlier due to the excessive accumulation of waste substances.

    "To favor theoxygenation of all cells free way on the menu to the foods they contain allicin, a substance with a fluidifying action. They are rich in it radishes, garlic, onions e leeks»Explains the nutritionist biologist.

    «Space also for foods rich in antioxidants, which protect the walls of blood vessels from free radicals and help to extinguish the inflammation underlying numerous ailments, including acne, redness, cellulite. Bring to the table Kiwi e citrus fruits (with lots of vitamin C), dried fruit e oil seeds (sources of vitamin E). Chocolate dark, blueberries and other Red fruits which provide flavonoids ".

    To promote rest of the intestine

    In case of constipation it can create a overload of toxins, which are reabsorbed by the bloodstream via the colon walls. «A malfunction of the intestine also compromises the action of other organs involved in the depuration such as kidneys, lungs, liver and skin », explains the expert.

    Relieving constipation has been shown to help improveacne ostinata and the problems of cute oily. «To ensure you look healthier and more beautiful, have a course of raw and cooked seasonal vegetables. They are rich in fibers, which facilitate the expulsion of faeces and, by rebalancing the bacterial flora, strengthen the immune system », says Dr. Di Lella.

    To help the liver

    He works tirelessly, filtering almost a liter of blood per minute and taking care of all the pollutants, the food additives and, in general, the waste you produce or assimilate. «To facilitate the task of the liver, focus on bitter vegetables (dandelion, radicchio, artichokes) with a specific detox action on this organ.

    Also, eat foods that provide vitamin A (such as eggs), C (citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers), and E (nuts and oil seeds), as well as minerals such as copper (in mushrooms), selenium (in fish and meat) and zinc (in legumes and dried fruit), essential to combat the oxidative stress of the cells caused by smog and by the various chemical reactions of the organism ", explains the nutritionist.

    To extinguish inflammation

    Omega 3s reduce skin inflammation and help regulate the amount of water present in the skin, keeping cell walls intact. «These essential fatty acids make oxygen circulate better in the body and deeply nourish and quench the skin from the inside, protecting it from acne and other impurities thanks to their fire-fighting action.

    This is why the diet cannot miss algae, oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), dried fruit (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts), oil seeds chia or pumpkin, linseed oil e dark green leafy vegetables.

    To combat aging

    Packaged foods, alcoholic beverages, products containing refined sugar or white flour, and foods rich in animal protein they increase the acidity of the organism which, in turn, can promote yellowing of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. «In particular, their harmful action consists in slow down the flow of oxygen to the tissues and the elimination of toxins, thus promoting the degeneration and aging of cells.

    This is why they should always be limited to a healthy diet », warns our expert. Which then gives you one last tip in favor of your beauty: «Compared to simple or refined ones, i complex carbohydrates on the other hand, they do not cause the production of enzymes that are harmful to collagen and elastin, two substances that ensure softness and elasticity to the skin. This is why you must make room on the table for legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc.) and whole grains ».

    Browse our gallery below to discover the 7 foods of beauty and line.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful

    Aloe vera juice

    It has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, confirmed by a study from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. It is indicated for the care of dry skin and Psoriasis.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful


    It provides you lycopene, which stimulates the production of collagen, and hyaluronic acid, which strengthens the firmness, tone and elasticity of the skin.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful


    Like many sour foods, it contains high amounts of vitamin C, which improves the elasticity and brightness of the skin, e provitamin A, which protects against aging due to the sun's rays.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful


    In Japan the Agaricus Blazei Murril (close relatives of the very common champignons) are considered able to favor the health and beauty of the skin.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful


    Like all bitter foods, it helps to purify the body and make it more effective the epidermis toned it's bright. The beneficial effects are due to polyphenols (in particular to flavonoids).

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful

    Black rice

    According to research from the Louisiana State University School of Food Sciences, 1 tablespoon of bran from this rice contains more anthocyanins (with antioxidant and anti-aging action) of 1 tablespoon of blueberries.

    Skin: the diet that makes you beautiful

    White tea

    A series of experiments conducted on adipocytes has shown that white tea can help counteract theacne: contributes to inhibit the generation of new fat cells and to stimulate the mobilization of fat from mature ones.

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