Single course diet: healthy weight loss

by Angela Altomare

Spesso the obsession with scales and calories risks frustrating the good intentions of putting oneself a diet. In addition to being challenging, weighing the grams of each food and calculating its energy intake also ends up becoming boring.

The solution? Nutrition experts from Harvard Chan School of Public Health together with the editors of Harvard Health Publications. It is the dish of healthy eating (you find it here ): which allows you to compose complete and balanced meals, and to lose weight, paying attention only to the volume occupied by food.

Based on the latest Scientific studies in the nutritional field, provides that all kinds of nutrients are present in every menu of the day (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals).

«This allows to provide the body with the various substances it needs (further favoring its correct absorption) and to follow a balanced diet, without making too many sacrifices ”, explains the biologist nutritionist and specialist in food science Valentina Schirò. Let's see in detail how does it work.

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