Simplify your life and have more free time

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Simplify your life and have more free time

Last update: Augusts 21, 2020

Simplifying your life brings with it numerous benefits. If you think about it, days are often spent doing meaningless or unrewarding activities. This shouldn't happen. Our time is precious and we need to make the most of it.

We are so immersed in our obligations that we sometimes forget those simple pleasures that we do not have access to due to lack of time.. We live by always looking at the clock and thinking about our obligations. We don't realize that perhaps a simpler life is the answer to our concerns.

"Simplicity has more appeal than any power."

-Louisa May Alcott-

To make life easier, just use your common sense more. Save time where we can and dedicate it to what deserves it most. To help you achieve this, we offer 10 helpful solutions.

Tips to make home life easier

There are a couple of tips that will save you some of the time you spend on housework. Much of simplifying life is about not having to invest time, effort, or attention to do those household tasks that sometimes absorb a lot of energy.

To keep the floor clean for longer, nothing better than to avoid getting it dirty. And the best way to do this is to leave your shoes at the entrance. It is an ancient custom that is still maintained in some countries. In fact, it is a very practical habit. In addition, walking barefoot or in socks is extremely relaxing and contributes to foot health.

The other tip is to always eat on a tray. It is very easy for crumbs or some remains of food to end up falling here and there. It is always easier to clean a tray than an entire area of ​​the house. This will make home life easier.

A simpler lifestyle

It is important to re-evaluate the moments of our life that we spend at home. If we live alone, it is useful to do so because this is the space where we find concentration. If we live with someone, because it is the territory of the encounter. Making life easier is more effective when you value these moments spent at home.

The first way to do this is to disconnect, as far as possible, from all communication devices. This includes television, telephones and computers. Better to talk, read or just really rest.

Another useful tip to make life easier is carry out a weekly analysis on the effective functionality of the work procedures. What activities should be eliminated or done as quickly as possible? What methodologies can be optimized to make tasks flow more smoothly?

Clear finances make life easier

Money is often a problem that requires our, our time and our energy. To make life easier, nothing better than to always have your accounts clear. Writing your monthly budget is not optional, it's a necessity. Life becomes much more organized and calm when we know what financial resources we can rely on.

È It is also essential to keep the payment of debts as a priority, which can cause enormous emotional tensions. It is important to have an action plan to pay what we owe, possibly in the short term.

Simplicity to preserve health

Unless your job demands it, you don't have to be too demanding with your appearance and go to the gym every day. Running or walking for half an hour costs you nothing and makes life much more enjoyable.

It is also helpful to learn some relaxation techniques or familiarize yourself with practices such as lo yoga. Instead of fighting insomnia or stress with pills or just not getting any help, these strategies and activities can be a good alternative. More effective in the long run and more satisfying when they happen.

Simplify your personal life 

The best advice to simplify your personal life is to totally give up the idea of ​​being able to change others and the world. Focus only on the changes you can make to yourself. Worry about leading by example if you want everything to be better. Nothing and nobody will change simply because you don't like it the way it is.

It is also important to have a sort of spiritual retreat once a year. Go for a couple of days to a place away from your everyday life. It oxygenates, relaxes and helps detect what is wrong, what can be strengthened and what can be improved.

By simplifying your life, you will reap multiple benefits. First of all, the tranquility. When we reach inner stability, everything starts to become simpler and more feasible. Life is one and it is better to be careful not to waste it on unimportant things.

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