Silvia has decided to turn the page: what are you waiting for?

Sometimes we get stuck in a life that doesn't belong to us. Sometimes it is necessary to move on.

Silvia has decided to turn the page: what are you waiting for?

"Turn the page: in the book of life there is much more than what you are continuing to read."

Zayn Malik.

In the last article I proposed a practical technique (actually 3) for fight stress. However, many blog readers are facing a diametrically opposite problem: rather than stress, they have to fight laziness, boredom and the frustration of not knowing what to do with their life. In short: they need turn the page. If you find yourself in this photograph, today's post is dedicated to you. No psychological techniques, strategies or tricks though: today I will leave the floor to Silvia.

Silvia is a GetPersonalGrowth reader, she is originally from the province of Vicenza and is a student-worker. Silvia also loves to write, and since she decided to give voice to her passions, she started collaborating with the online magazine Roba da Donne, where she follows the current affairs section, with an eye to the problems of the female world.

Today Silvia will tell us how she is managing to turn the page. No "noisy revolution", Hollywood revival or other minchiatine often light years away from reality. Silvia's story is a little-big one personal revolution, a personal revolution built on the desire to change, to put one's dreams first and to be able to say to herself that she has made it. I hope this story can inspire you at least as much as it inspired me. Enjoy the reading.

Silvia's story

A year and a half ago I decided to turn the page. I was nervously scanning the web, looking for something that could help me. My life was static, always the same, trapped in a dangerous, albeit inviting, routine: doing nothing. Laziness, Internet, TV. The same “old story” every day. So comforting, so cuddly, but at the same time… so frustrating.

If you are still reading this, I bet this situation sounds familiar to you. It almost seems like a mockery of life: doing nothing, or at least indulging in sloth, is deleterious, while to be truly satisfied you have to get busy. But isn't there a thing that's easy in this life? Alas no. I realized this after I started to no longer feel that constant sense of dissatisfaction, which leads at the end of the day to that unpleasant feeling of having wasted your time.

My story begins like this, and although it is still an uphill path and with some "detours", I can say that I have changed many things for the better, in short, that I have managed to turn the page. GetPersonalGrowth's articles have proved invaluable help, thanks to its simple advice, which makes you understand that there is no ambitious result that can be achieved without effort.

The spring to turn the page

But let's proceed in order: what was that input that gave me the impetus to change and turn the page? We often miss that very ingredient "x" and I can tell you that there comes a point where you simply decide to start, it's like giving yourself permission. One snaps inside of us small spring and go. For me, the spring were 3 articles from this blog:

  • Change your life? Here's where to start!
  • How to find your life purpose
  • Lazy? 5 ways to find the right charge

After reading them, I started making lists, learning how to manage my time better, getting up earlier… obviously not all at once; in small steps, failing too (it still happens). I have already fixed some things and I have others in the pipeline, but knowing that I can do it, that I am doing it, pushes me to continue.

First of all, I started fixing mine professional life. Precarious secretary for 7 years, I spent the first years of my working life learning. Once I learned, however, I never grew up anymore. Always answering the phone, preparing letters, e-mails, watching colleagues grow and get busy. I felt I had some unused capacity.

The static nature of my profession prevented me from advancing, in addition to the fact that often a consolidated routine is still comfortable: I know what I have to do, I know how to do it well, why leave the field? (the famous "comfort zone"). But in the end, I realized it wasn't what I wanted.

I asked myself: what are mine talents? I noticed a certain computer skills and skill in foreign languages. I tried to take a web designer course but in the end it wasn't my way; I attended language courses, but they did not qualify me sufficiently. I opened Pandora's box: inside was the word that scared me most in the world: GRADUATION.

The strength to follow your dreams

I wanted to graduate. But I let myself be harnessed by the usual convictions "But these days a job is golden", "Be satisfied", "What do you want to graduate that then you find yourself unemployed?". The fear of jumping, of the reaction of relatives / friends. Then studying: a grind! I've made four calculations: yes, I can't afford to lose my job, but why do I have to give up studying? It's tough, it's going to be tough, but it's mine dream.

"It's tough, it's going to be tough, but it's my dream."

A year and a half ago I enrolled in the Faculty of Interpreter and Translator: I still have a photograph of the result of the admission test on my mobile phone. I'm in second year, I got the scholarship for merit. Yes, it's hard work, but at least I'm doing something for my future, to grow, and I feel like I couldn't have made a better decision. It's not a walk in the park: I still struggle to organize myself well with the study, when I get home from work my thoughts are often turned to my beloved duvet, but I repeat: I'm doing it for myself.

Then, not happy, I realized that I had another great passion: writing. I have started the project of a small book, with which obviously I am going very slowly, but I forgive myself: I know that I am already doing a lot. In the meantime, the collaboration with Roba da Donne allows me to keep fit and to see something of my own published: these are satisfactions! I enjoy writing so much that I wonder how I didn't notice it sooner.

From here follows the fact that I had to learn a manage time, to extricate myself from a thousand commitments and to free myself from the infernal grip of bed and sleep. I am always and in any case a lazy person: it is a constant struggle between me and the bed. This is the most difficult challenge I am facing right now. I advance one minute at a time, tearing every moment of life with effort, day after day. It is a challenge between titans but maybe I'll talk to you about this another time. Silvia.

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