Silence in a world full of noise

Silence in a world full of noiseWe live in a world that is too hectic. When we go down the street we meet people
who constantly talk on the phone, motorists honk their horns
their cars and an endless series of noises come from where we least expect it.
These sounds form our daily soundtrack and we are
now so used to these that we do not even remember how and what the
silence, that wonderful feeling that overwhelms us when we do not feel it at all
nothing. However, silence is essential for our psychological balance.

Fear of Silence

Our generation and that of our parents grew up in a world
so noisy that they are almost addicted to the perennial sound, it is as if it were not
possible to live in silence. In fact, many people keep their TV on constantly
lit only to hear its sound, as if they are afraid of silence.And it's no wonder why silence allows us to connect quickly
with our inner world, that part of us that normally remains
hidden and that scares us, because it generates questions to which perhaps we are not
willing to answer. Remaining silent is practically the same as watching
inside of us and, sometimes, by doing so we see something we don't like
(or that scares us). So often we prefer to seek refuge in the noise, to live
excessively so as not to leave a minute free for introspection.

The power of silence

The absence of external noises allows us to focus on our interior so that the
silence becomes a perfect tool to rediscover our true "I", for
be fully aware of where we are and where we are going.There is a fantastic exercise that will allow you to reconnect with the universe:
it is enough to meet a secluded, peaceful and quiet place, yet
better if surrounded by nature, and then close your eyes. At this point
we focus on the different parts of the body and the sensations perceived.
Trying not to think about anything, just concentrate in the present while fully enjoying
of silence. Feel the sun caressing your skin, feel the wind on your face,
the sand between your toes ... The important thing is to concentrate on
sensations that you feel in that moment, enjoy the silence and purify the
mind from any worry.This exercise is so powerful for regaining balance and inner peace that
it only takes five minutes to get back to everyday life
completely regenerated, more relaxed and full of energy. In fact, it would be
an excellent technique to start the day on the right foot.In addition to transmitting tranquility, silence is also an excellent weapon to strengthen
the creativity. Remember that often our unconscious mind continues to
work on problems, but sometimes we don't perceive the solutions because we lend
more attention to the noise coming from the environment rather than listening
that inner voice. However, if you manage to stay from time to time
alone with yourself, this creativity is likely to find the appropriate channels
to flow more easily. As a last point, I leave you with a quote from Thomas Carlyle: "Silence is the element in which they are formed
all the great things. "
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