Signs that predict divorce

Signs that predict divorce

Some signs indicate that a relationship is going in a bad direction. This presupposes a deterioration of the relationship from which, on many occasions, there is no turning back.

Signs that predict divorce

Last update: April 20, 2022

All stable relationships run into difficulties - this is normal up to a point. Sometimes things take a turn for the worse and that's when You may notice some signs that predict divorce or, in any case, the rupture.

Just as love cannot be hidden, the signs that predict the crisis are evident. These are obvious manifestations of the discomfort experienced by both partners, as well as feelings of rejection. It is the time when it is possible to foresee a divorce.

When you cross the boundaries of respect, trust and care for the other, it is very difficult to go back. Especially if it is not addressed in time or in the correct way. Predicting a divorce is relatively simple when the signs that we present below are present.

"There is an old saying that marriage is like a phone call in the middle of the night, first you ring the bell and then you wake up."

-Robert de Niro-

7 signs that predict divorce

1. Aggressive or violent manifestations

Once they appear, it is difficult to fight aggression or violence in a relationship. Disagreements and lack of understanding often lead to a point where any discussion is dealt with in a violent way.

Discussions and comparisons are no longer "normal". When a couple is on the verge of divorce, virtually all discussions involve a high level of aggression.

2. Criticism and contempt are among the signs that predict divorce

In the beginning, it is normal for mutual flattery to prevail in a couple's relationship. There is a natural predisposition to see the positive aspects of the other and to exalt their virtues. It is not simply a conquest tactic, but a natural attitude that is part of falling in love.

When the couple is on the verge of a breakup, the exact opposite happens. Sarcasm, mockery, contempt for what the other does or says ... It seems that the slogan is to despise oneself at all costs. It is an unambiguous signal that predicts a divorce.

3. Defensive or evasive attitude in the couple

When a breakup looms, it's very common for one or both members to want to wash their hands of it. Suddenly, we blame each other for what is happening and evade our responsibilities.

They will blame each other for being the culprit of the situation, "It's not me, it's you." This way of approaching things is the beginning of a journey of no return. Defensive attitudes will begin to prevail and each time you will listen less to your partner.

4. Feeling overwhelmed

We feel overwhelmed when we can't find a way out. In many cases it is the relationship that causes the circumstances or walls that cause this feeling of suffocation.

The most common response to such a feeling is to withdraw emotionally. This spacing feeds on, so it tends to increase over time. It will be more and more difficult to get closer; moments of intimacy and complicity tend to disappear.

5. Unnecessary resolution efforts

At some point one of the two will notice that the situation is unbearable and that the breakup is just around the corner. You would like to recover the situation through dialogue or simply by taking a more constructive position during discussions.

If these efforts are ignored, minimized or misrepresented by the partner, it will be very difficult to go back. Ignored resolution efforts are one of the clearest signs of divorce. It means that there is no longer the will to resolve difficulties.

6. Bad memories predominate

If only bad memories predominate, one will begin to harbor resentment, a desire for revenge, and a deep disappointment that the other is to blame. In such a situation, rejection or even hatred find fertile ground.

All this ends up reinforcing a destructive attitude towards the partner who ends up appearing as an enemy to attack or to defend against. The mind and heart get used to this and it becomes very difficult to change this thinking.

7. Body language

In some couples, the signs that predict a divorce are not so obvious. They can hide behind passive-aggressive attitudes or manifestations. So, at times, you may get the feeling that the landscape is not so black.

However, certain signals do not deceive: body language is one of them. Many gestures will denote rejection or strong distance from the other. We may also experience unpleasant physical sensations in the presence of the partner. And it's not uncommon for one or both to get sick.

Signs That Predict Divorce: Conclusions

While all of these signs help us predict a breakup, the couple has the final say. Although very difficult, you can always get the relationship back on its feet. It is easier if the warnings are detected in time.

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