Shopping: it is increasingly at home

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The physical store is no longer enough. Large-scale retail brands have landed on the web en masse to offer home deliveries. To the delight of the villagers who prefer to do their shopping without leaving home. Here is what you need to know if you also buy online the products that you traditionally find at the super. 

It works like this

"Go to the store's website, buy with a click and the products arrive directly at home, this is the classic option," explains Massimiliano Dona, general secretary of the National Consumers Union. But in recent times others have been added. For example, it is possible to place orders via the web and then collect it at the point of sale, at no extra charge.

Because it suits you

The savings in time, effort and fuel are obvious, but this is not the only advantage. "While there is no lack of discounts and online promotions, reduce the risk of buying on impulse and stumbling upon "flirtatious" products, those offers that make you fill your cart with superfluous items»Comments Dona. With online it becomes even easier to compare prices and offers and take a virtual tour of all the supermarkets in the area. And, if you buy frozen foods, you are more likely to arrive at their destination at the right temperature. 

What you need to pay attention to

Delivery is usually not free, there may be purchase limits (especially for larger packages) and you must be sure that the products are chosen and treated with care (especially the fresh ones, such as vegetables and meats). "Check the conditions of the service on the site: in some cases the delivery can be free above a certain amount of expenditure or for certain categories, such as elderly and disabled»Explains Dona. Finally, the information relating to the products such as label, ingredients, nutritional values ​​and weight of the package must be easily available and complete on the website. AND payment by debit or credit card must not include any additional cost.

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