Sexuality has no age: it lasts a lifetime

Sexuality has no age: it lasts a lifetime

Those who think that the sexual sphere only affects certain stages of life are wrong. Sexuality has no age and accompanies our existence.

Sexuality has no age: it lasts a lifetime

Last update: June 30, 2022

It is common to associate the sexual sphere with adulthood alone. In particular, at a stage of life in which you think you are "physically" ready and more suitable to live it adequately. On the contrary, and as we will see in this article, sexuality has no age. It appears in our lives from an early age and accompanies us in every stage of our existence, even when we become very old.

To understand why sexuality has no age, first it is right to know what we are talking about. For cultural and religious reasons, it is often difficult to talk about topics of this type. In addition, the wrong or only partially correct vocabulary is often used.

So let's proceed in order, explaining better what is meant by sexuality, sex and sexuation.

What sexuality “is” and what “is not”

Sexuality is not synonymous with sexual orientation. Many people confuse these concepts. Indeed, the terms "sexual condition", "sexual option" and "sexuality" are often used to refer to the sexual orientation of the erotic desire.

But these three terms are not synonymous, quite the contrary. Sexual orientation is not an option, as options are chosen and sexual orientation is not chosen by the individual. But it is not even a condition, because it does not “condition” absolutely anything.

Sexuality, as a concept, refers to the "way in which people live as sexual subjects", according to the Institute of Sexology INCISEX. That is to say, it is the expression of men and women in feeling and living as such.

Men and women are sexed. They "have" a sex, in terms of sexual identity. But there are infinite ways of being men (one for each) and infinite ways of being a woman (one for each). And, of course, the way in which men and women express their shape is defined precisely by sexuality.

Sexuality and sexuation

Sexology, in its most theoretical field, is responsible for structuring this and many other concepts, giving them harmony and coherence.. Sexuality (and many other concepts that derive from the word "sex") is not directly related to erotic relationships, as many people believe.

It is more related to another concept: sexuation. It is about the constant process of defining and redefining ourselves as men and as women. This begins before birth (during pregnancy) and ends with the end of life.

Sexuality is not only a biological process, it is above all biographical. It is subject to all kinds of influences that configure us as sexual beings with our modalities, nuances and peculiarities.

Consequently, sexuality and sexuation are part of our being by the mere fact of being sexual beings. This means that both are present in our life, at all times.

Sexuality has no age: childhood and old age

Keeping in mind that this concept is perhaps not what people usually have in mind, it is worth digging a little deeper. Always starting from the awareness of being animals or sexual beings, it is easy to understand how this accompanies us throughout life. And, obviously, this expression of our being changes according to the vital stage in which we find ourselves.

Infantile and senile sexuality are usually often ignored. For very different reasons, but with a common denominator: ignorance. If we understand this concept from its true meaning, the "veto", this sexual taboo on childhood or old age loses its meaning completely. Yet sexuality has no age.

Sexuality in old age is one of our most beautiful expressions as living beings, because elderly men and women express themselves starting from the experience of a path that has given them wisdom, maturity..

Despite this, a veto on sexuality in old age persists due to a cultural issue. And, in the West, for example in Spain, there is still a lot to do to improve this aspect. Which then translates into greater understanding of the so-called third age. Perhaps peering into other cultures and seeing how this vital phase is conceived will help us clear our ignorance and fears.

On the other hand, childhood sexuality is just as beautiful, but for other reasons. Just as old age gives us experience, sexuality occurs in a context of innocence and exploration. The nice thing is that at this stage of life we ​​are not contaminated by virtually any social, cultural or religious influence. Being small, we express ourselves without taboos, without filters, driven by our curiosity for the world around us.

To put an end to the stereotypes and taboos surrounding concepts such as sexuality, it is essential to delve into them and understand them. More interventions are also needed at the level of sex education. Only in this way will we be able to destabilize all the manifestations that make up the human sexual fact which is, at the same time, wonderful and extraordinarily natural.

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