Sexual manual, a text banned for centuries

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Sexual manual, a text banned for centuries

Not many years ago, an ancient sex manual was auctioned off in England. Few knew of its existence, as it is a book that was banned in the XNUMXth century.

Last update: 16 November 2022

Not many years ago an ancient sex manual was auctioned off in England. Few were aware of its existence, as it is a book that was banned in the XNUMXth century. The reason? Sex was - and still is - a taboo subject. Censors of all ages believe they are doing good to society by preventing the spread of knowledge on this topic.

The sex manual did not begin to be freely distributed until 1960. There are two particular aspects in it that attract attention. The first is that the original title was Aristotle's Sexual Manual. The other that contains curious advice on the sphere of eros.

The author is unknown, these he probably wanted to use the name of the great Greek philosopher in order to give the text more prestige or have their distribution authorized. As for the advice, the interesting aspect is that they reflect the mentality of the time and that, in the light of the knowledge available to us today, they are almost absurd.

A real orgy never turns on as much as a pornographic book.

-Aldous Huxley-

A strange censorship

It is not clear why this ancient sex manual was subjected to censorship. Most of the texts it contains are absolutely in line with Christian thought. Perhaps some thought that just addressing the subject could generate obscene or degenerate thoughts.

This manual describes mating as a carnal act, quite natural between men and women and whose purpose is procreation. In this regard, he gives advice to determine the sex of children and to avoid that they are born with deformities.

For example, it gives guidance on how a woman should lie down on her right side after the sexual act if she wants a boy. To have a baby girl, you need to lie down on your left side. It also indicates the most favorable dates to procreate children of one or the other gender.

The approach of Aristotle's sexual manual

While nearly all of its content focuses on breeding as such, the text also includes some tips for having a satisfying sex life. For example, it says that sex, when moderate and legitimate, helps to clear the mind and put melancholy aside.

The text makes it clear that if you do not have sexual intercourse with a certain regularity, vision problems, general malaise and other more serious ailments can arise, especially in men. Conversely, when you have too much sexual intercourse, the body can "dry out" and life can shorten. Take as an example the sparrows, which copulate often and live only 3 years.

It also ensures that the characteristics of the children depend on the mother's thinking. If she thinks of being terrifying after sex, the child may be born with malformations in the lips or with hair on the tongue. Consequently, women are advised to stare at their spouse and to think only of him so that the child will resemble him.

Other warnings and recommendations

This ancient sexual manual advises women not to consume meals that are too greasy or spicy, as these "heat the body too much", pushing them to libido. At the same time, he invites them to please their husbands: doing so will prevent them from falling into the obscene arms of any "lying prostitute".

She advises husbands to put their worries aside before consummating intercourse, to foment their animal side, and to use their imagination to enjoy a more pleasurable experience. She invites them not to have intercourse with their wife too often, so she says: "women, in general, are more satisfied with a relationship that is well done once than with one that is often but badly done."

After man has "already done what nature has prompted him to do", he is reminded to be careful not to withdraw too quickly from the bed of love. According to the author, doing this runs the risk of letting cold air into the female belly, which could lead to dangerous consequences. Finally, he makes a note about infidelity: she is corrupt and causes disease.

Although this ancient sexual manual is not comparable to the Kamasutra, it still has very strong documentary value. It is a text that helps us understand some of the ideas that our culture has accepted, promoted or censored in the course of evolution. By understanding the past more deeply, we will understand today more and be more prepared for tomorrow.

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