Sex and technology, an increasingly close combination

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Sex and technology, an increasingly close combination

Sex and technology is a combination that can become exceptional if it is understood, but which can turn into a nightmare if certain limits are not respected

Last update: July 18, 2022

Sex and technology are two terms that show an ever closer relationship. For thousands of years, sexuality has lived on the fringes of technological advances. However, at present, technology has exceeded its usual limits, also entering the sexual sphere.

All this has been made possible thanks to certain devices, but also because the way of understanding and living sexuality has also been transformed. If you want to learn more about the modern combination of sex and technology and deepen all its internal mechanisms, do not miss this article.

Sex and Technology: Mutual Influences

Technological advances have offered human beings new spaces and forms to be able to express themselves. Undoubtedly, this has also favored a new way of socializing, so broad that it overcomes old taboos and reaches the most secret rooms of intimacy.

Since sexuality is such an important aspect in the life of every human being, any element that conditions it becomes important. As far as technology is concerned, mobile applications, the internet and social networks are probably the ones that have influenced it the most.

Today almost everyone has a “shadow” smartphone, so called because it follows us everywhere. However, much less calls are made than before. More distant forms of communication are preferred. In this sense, evolution is happening at such a speed that it is difficult to study and draw conclusions about how we behave with respect to different technologies.

But there is no doubt that, on a personal and social level, their influence is important. And, even if it sometimes seems unpredictable, it is right to analyze the new relationship between technology and sex, especially if we refer to inappropriate or pathological behavior.

Internet and sex

The Internet has no limits and the number of pages and references with sexual content is practically infinite. Both recreational and informational, the big network is a favorite destination for sex lovers, although it isn't necessarily suitable for everyone.

On the other hand, in the younger social stratum (including teenagers), sharing self-generated sexual content is a common practice. The web has features that make it very attractive, the protagonist takes the view, in a world of increasingly visual people, and it doesn't require a lot of time or effort.

Adult content

We can find an infinity of sexual material and in different formats. There is no need to search too much. On the other hand, the statistics tell us that it is a genre that has a large audience and spread over a wide range of ages.

However, this is not a harmless phenomenon. Consumed and shared content largely affects the sexual expectations of the people concerned. In a sense, the brain does not seem to process what it perceives as fiction.


One of the practices that combine sex and technology, and one of the most dangerous, is sexting. It occurs mostly among young people and teenagers and consists of sending photos and videos with explicit sexual content.

While, on the one hand, it may be a practice that introduces seduction into adult sex life, it has become a risky erotic game among young people. In addition to increasing desire, the material often gets into the hands of the wrong people who spread it freely.

Among the perversions of this practice we also find solicitation. The groomer is an individual who knows how to use technologies, internet and social networks very well and, by creating fake profiles, aims to lure minors. His goal is to obtain explicit sexual material from his victims.

"I fear the day when technology will go beyond our humanity: the world will then be populated by a generation of idiots."

Albert Einstein

Sex and technology, a controversial relationship

We can say that sex and technology today form a combination that arouses much controversy. Technology offers endless possibilities to sex, but it can be used absolutely inappropriately. Choosing well what we want or not, as well as being our right, is closely linked to our self-esteem and empathy.

On the other hand, technology has revolutionized the way people create emotional bonds. Applications like Tinder, which give rise to relationships or pseudo-relationships in which all stages are usually burned very quickly, fit very well with a somewhat perverse conception of love that has become a mere object of consumption.

The technology has also developed what are known as haptic (touch-related) devices, meaning that they simulate the sensation of touching or being touched by another person. But all this virtual sex, which can be considered an advantage, does not imply that intimate communication improves. In many cases it creates conflicts, mistrust and serious damage to couples.

The combination of sex and technology is very strong in the modern era. The application of new technologies to sex life is not bad in itself, but any obsessive, exaggerated or violent use cannot produce any benefit.

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