Sesame seeds, properties and how to use them

I Sesame seeds (from the plant Sesamum indicu), known for the high mineral content, proteins and carbohydrates, are useful for the prevention of osteoporosis and for cardiovascular diseases. Let's find out better.

> Nutritional principles of sesame seeds

> Properties

> The use of sesame seeds in the kitchen


Nutritional principles of sesame seeds

In the seeds of sesamo hides a big one energy reserve. The high content of protein (18%), carbohydrates (20%) e grassi (50%) give it a highly respectable calorific value (just under 600 kcal per 100g) making them small natural wellness pills.

Among the minerals that characterize the Sesame seeds we find:

  • magnesium,
  • iron,
  • selenium,
  • potassium,
  • phosphorus,
  • and especially a record content of football.

These oil seeds are also an excellent source of vitamins of group B.


Properties of sesame seeds

Thanks to the high calcium content, sesame seeds are effective in preventingOsteoporosis and they are a valid alternative for those who cannot take dairy products due to food intolerances to strengthen bones and teeth.

Sesame seeds are excellent natural supplements zinc which strengthens the immune system (valid help in case of mental fatigue and convalescence) is selenium which slows down the action of free radicals. The fats that make up these oil seeds are mainly unsaturated (omega 6 and omega 3), useful in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


You can also learn more about all the properties and uses of sesame seed oil


Use in the kitchen

These seeds are used to enrich the doughs of bread and baked goods, salads and muesli for breakfast and in general very popular with the macrobiotic diet, but not only.

In the oriental culinary tradition, sesame is very much appreciated: it is toasted and combined with sea salt to obtain the gomasio, a powder used as a condiment. In Turkish cuisine, sesame seeds are obtained instead tahina (or tahini), a real sesame butter that is used for example to season hummus.

Ever heard of "giurgiulena"? Yes, even the country cuisine has long appreciated the flavor of sesame, especially in Sicily where giurgiulena, a sesame-based dessert, is part of the local culinary tradition. Sesame bread can also be found in every oven.

A curiosity: sesame seeds are perfect for preparing delicious breading for vegetables or chicken and with an exotic flavor: just replace them with breadcrumbs and that's it.




Sesame seeds among selenium-rich foods


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