Self-knowledge: the missing subject

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Robert Maurer

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The journey of life unfolds in a path that leads us
presents the most diverse situations; but even so, we deal with everything with the
belief that we are fighting with a real and objectively concrete world.
Either way, very often our beliefs about who we are and what it is like
the world around us are really what is determining the situations
themselves (at least in our minds). In other words, when our point of
view is too self-centered, we can perceive reality in a distorted way, like this
our behavior in front of it will be less functional. There self-knowledge
is a psychological construction which, when adequately developed,
not only allows us to understand ourselves but also facilitates a vision
more objective than the surrounding world. Self-knowledge allows us to answer questions
like: - Why do we think in a certain way? - How we built the filter that determines the
our beliefs? - What is the relationship between our emotions and
our ideas? - Why do we feel a certain emotion? - Why do we react in a certain way? In short, self-knowledge allows us to understand
ourselves, it helps us to clarify why we do this, why we try these
emotions and even allows us to understand how our mechanism works
decision making. It may seem simple but it is certain that very few people own it
a sufficiently comprehensive knowledge of oneself and this causes in
some phases of psychotherapy need to take a long time to foment self-knowledge
of the subject, to help the person to know and accept his self
inner. If there really is a subject which, however, is not taught sufficiently
in our life this is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge will make life easier for us, through
awareness of how our psychological processes work, making us more
practical and competent in our reality and will serve as a guide in growth
personal. At the same time we are able to perceive ours
emotions and our beliefs, we will be able to approach reality with an attitude
more objective. The interesting part is that when we learn to
knowing and accepting each other, in the same way we will develop greater trust
in ourselves and by analyzing mistakes and weaknesses we will be able to grow
as people. Finally, the words of
Saint-Exupèry: “You will judge yourself. AND
the hardest thing. It is much more difficult to judge yourself than it is to judge
the others. If you can judge yourself well it is because you are a true sage ”.
And I emphasize that in this case the word "wise" does not refer to intelligence
but rather the fact that the path of personal growth is marked by
self-knowledge and self-acceptance.
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