Self-knowledge is the real key to happiness

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Self-knowledge is the real key to happiness

Last update: July 21, 2015

Happiness. What does this concept really depend on? Is it something that is found by chance or is it a design of fate? Does happiness depend solely on our bank account? Actually no. Those who have more are no longer happy, nor those who accumulate more things or those who hope for a stroke of luck that arrives like a golden leaf falling from a tree.

Happiness, like the best dimensions of life, is found in small things, you just need to know how to recognize and appreciate them. However, one fundamental aspect must be taken into consideration: to be happy, we must first understand what we need, what defines us and the conception we have of the world around us.

There are people who wander aimlessly and with an empty heart. They want to conquer the world, but they don't even see what they have in front of their eyes. Self-knowledge is the key to being happy, to regulate our inner experiences and to recognize humbly and with integrity who we are and what we need.

Did you know? Today we will talk about this interesting concept which is also one of the fundamental pillars of emotional intelligence.

Knowing each other means having self-awareness

To understand this concept, we will start by giving an example. There is a guy who, thanks to his commitment, his value and the right opportunities, has managed to reach a good job position, but despite this he is not happy. He buys a car, a house, but he continues to feel an existential emptiness, a restlessness that none of his emotional relationships can calm or fill, much less the material goods he accumulates..

Little by little, he takes the reins of his life and reflects on himself, he sinks into his inner self in search of answers. Perhaps he wanted to live too quickly by showing others everything he could do, he is aware that so far he has only tried to please others, his family, to assert himself in front of friends, but he has never wondered what he had about really need it. She lived on the outside, but not on the inside.

How then could self-knowledge be defined?

1. Knowing yourself means controlling your inner experiences, being aware of your moods and acting accordingly.

2. Sometimes we feel a sense of dissatisfaction, but we force ourselves to follow the ordinary path because this is what others expect or because we are simply afraid to leave our "safe zone". In this way, we oblige ourselves to turn our backs on the voice within us asking for help, calling us only to be heard.

3. Self-knowledge is a pillar of emotional intelligence. In reality, it is about becoming aware of oneself, acting in a reflective and balanced way based on what is around. We understand ourselves and respect and understand others, but this does not mean that we have no right to stand up for our needs or that we act on our feelings and values..

4. To be happy, it is not necessary to accumulate "things" and not even knowledge. It is certainly not the happiest who has or knows the most things, but the one who understands the most, the one who proves to have more humility or who knows himself best. If we don't know where our limits are, there will always be someone who will try to lower them. If we don't know what we want, we will always go looking for something. If we don't appreciate what we have and what we are, our frustration will only increase. Is it worth it? Obviously not.

Self-knowledge is that daily exercise that we should all do to better manage that complex world that, day after day, puts us to the test and presents us with new challenges.

Sometimes, wisdom resides precisely in self-knowledge, learning to act according to one's emotions. By learning to know each other better, we will feel safer, more complete, simpler and not only will we be happier, but we will also be able to infect others with our happiness.. Let's try it right away!

Images courtesy of Vladimir Kush, Amanda Cass.

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