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    Self-esteem: practical course in 5 lessons

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    5 practical tips to regain self-esteem and self-confidence.

    "Self-confidence is the result of a risky situation overcome brilliantly."

    Jack Gibb.

    Here ... I knew it, now the GetPersonalGrowth Blog starts talking about self-esteem. Maybe he also wants to sell me a € 3.000 course, a DVD in which the trainer gestures awkwardly and 7-8 e-books on how to tie my shoes!

    Don't worry, none of that. In this article I want to tell you about 5 practical ways to find the self-confidence, increase your esteem and… learn how to tie your shoes! ;-)

    1. Complete an activity

    The first ingredient to regain self-confidence is action. Define a goal and take the necessary actions to achieve it. Here are some practical tips for regaining your self-esteem through action:

    • Start on the right foot. When you give your days the right pace, completing your activities and reaching your small daily goals will seem like child's play. The more you increase these days, the more you will increase your self-esteem.
    • Focus on the present. You can regret the past and be frightened by the future, or ... you can act in the present moment and take back the helm of your life.
    • Stop procrastinate. Postponing our commitments is like continuing to break the promises we make to ourselves. What happens when you don't keep a promise? Others don't trust you anymore. Stop procrastinating to regain your confidence.

    2. Face a fear

    Fear is a valuable teacher. There is no more effective way to educate our self-esteem than to face our fear.

    Change your attitude towards your fears: don't see your fears as limitations, rather consider them opportunities. Any fear you face is an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

    Each time you face and defeat your fear, you widen the fence your fears have confined you to. Be grateful for your fears - they are there to make you better.

    3. Preparations

    Self-esteem and preparation are directly proportional. The higher your preparation, the greater the confidence in your abilities.

    Try to rethink an activity you have learned in recent years (playing an instrument, using a software, playing a sport, etc.): how did you feel the first few times you faced this activity? Is the term clumsy correct? ;-) Try to imagine how you feel now. You have probably become familiar with this activity, what you could hardly do has now become an unconditional reflex.

    If your low self-esteem is related to poor preparation… guess what you need to do ?! Prepared.

    We tend to admire and notice only the great performances of our favorite footballer or singer, but talent is not enough to justify these results: what matters is daily training.

    4. Fail more often

    We delude ourselves that we can take refuge in our small universe made up of people who know us and actions that we know, a small universe in which the word failure is banned. But paradoxically it is failure that can open the doors of success for us and therefore increase our self-esteem.

    Learn to fail more often, learn to take calculated risks, learn to be comfortable in conditions that make you uncomfortable.

    Ah ... I almost forgot, I want to tell you a little secret: despite what Vodafone says, the world is not all around you. Others are not really that interested in what you do, they have their own lives, their problems and their worries. This means that others are not there to check every moment if you are doing something wrong or have made a mistake. Give yourself the luxury of failing more often… to be successful.

    5. Know yourself

    The ancient Greeks used the expression gnōthi seautón: know yourself. After all, having greater self-esteem means having greater self-awareness.

    You get to know yourself when you set a small goal and achieve it successfully.
    You learn to know yourself when you face and overcome your fear.
    You get to know yourself as you prepare and become aware of what you are capable of doing.
    You learn to know yourself when you fail, make mistakes, fall… but you keep getting back up.

    When you get to know yourself and what you want from life, theesteem it will be the last of the things you will need.

    Finally, as promised, here is a video to learn how to tie your shoes in less than 1 second XD

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