Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

Aphorisms, quotes and phrases about self-esteem are wasted. In this article, I have collected the 10 best phrases about self-confidence ever (in my opinion).


“Never put your head down. Always keep it well up. Learn to look the world straight in the eye. "

Helen Keller.

I love the citations.

In fact, aphorisms are able to collect in a few words the considerations, observations and experiences of some of the greatest men and women who have set foot on Earth.

I have always used these maxims to start my articles and for years I have been reading my personal collection to start the day.

In this article I thought I'd share with you the ones I consider the best phrases about self-esteem ever.

I am in fact firmly convinced that improve self-esteem is of fundamental importance to start our path of personal growth and, at times, even a single sentence of a few words (right words) can help us to return to believe in ourselves.

To start this roundup of phrases on self-esteem I have chosen a passage that does NOT properly speak of self-confidence, but which I am sure will rekindle the fire of self-esteem in you.

Invest in yourself and train your tenacity

Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

In the image above you may have recognized the poster of "The Founder“: The film about the story, more or less fictionalized, of the birth of the McDonald's fast food chain.

The protagonist, Ray Kroc, he's a great son of a bitch, but he's definitely someone who doesn't lack tenacity and self-confidence.

In fact, not everyone knows how to reinvent themselves at 53 and continue to dream big, after a life of half failures.

There is a scene from the movie that particularly impressed me.

It struck me because it reminded me of all those mornings when I woke up at dawn before going to work and listened to podcasts or audiobooks from American trainers while running around the park.

In this scene, Ray Kroc is in a filthy motel in the middle of the United States and is about to go to sleep after yet another failed day as a door-to-door salesman.

Before going to bed though take time to train and starts listening to an audio program on turntables in which a quote from former US president Calvin Coolidge is reported.

Here then is the first sentence on self-esteem that I have chosen for you:

“Nothing in the world can replace the tenacity. Talent cannot do this: there is nothing more common than men who are talented but unsuccessful. Genius can't do it: misunderstood genius is almost proverbial. Education cannot do this: the world is full of educated failures. Tenacity and determination, on the other hand, are omnipotent. "

Calvin Coolidge.

Liked it? Go on.

Be yourself and ...

"Be yourself and say what you think: those who take it don't count and those who count don't take it."

Theodor Seuss Geisel.

There is a passage in my manual "APP - Self-esteem step by step"In which I affirm that to return to believe in ourselves ours passwords they must be consistent with ours pensieri, and ours actions they must be consistent with ours passwords.

This certainly does not mean that we have to behave like bitches.

The meaning of this second quote on self-esteem is quite different: here the point is transparency and coherence.

Sometimes mentamo (to others and to ourselves) for fear of hurting them or even worse for fear of the consequences of what we really think. Continuing to do this undermines our self-esteem and makes us more insecure every day.

It is time to make our voices heard.

No, you don't need to "scream", but speaking directly, clearly and with courage is the first step to regain confidence in our potential.

Don't act like a doormat

Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

"Believe in yourself. The only ones who appreciate a doormat are those with dirty shoes. "

Leo Buscaglia.

A large part of our self-esteem is determined by the relationship we have with other people.

And when it comes to interpersonal relationships, recognizing those with low self-confidence is pretty simple.

In fact, those who are insecure almost always react in two ways: or they do it mat (passive attitude), or masks his insecurity cleaning their dirty shoes on others (aggressive attitude).

But those who have real confidence in their means actually take a third way: the assertive attitude.

If you've never heard of assertiveness, I refer you to this article by GetPersonalGrowth: "Assertiveness: or how to learn to be respected".

Recognize your worth

"When you know your true worth, no one can make you feel worthless."


Every now and then they try to make us feel useless, not up to par.

After all, those who manage to lower our value, consequently raise their own, right?

And you think you continue to allow it? We are not shelf products to which someone can stick the price label: we decide our value, by committing ourselves to our path of personal improvement on a daily basis.

About that…

Raise the price

Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

"If you value yourself low, rest assured that the world will not raise the price."


Apparently many phrases about self-esteem have anonymous authors: maybe they are shy and insecure ...

Returning serious, if we first we don't believe in ourselves, why should others do it?

Mind you, I hate inflated balls as much as you do, but this is not a good reason to always play defensive, to always be on the sidelines, to never test yourself.

Don't belittle yourself: raise your value, raise your price.

Remember it's not your problem

"What others think of you is their problem."

Charlie Chaplin.

Would you believe me if I told you that the vast majority of people often give up their secret dreams for fear of the judgment of others?

"What if it was bullshit ?!", "If I fail ?!", "What would my family say ?!".

Maybe these thoughts have happened to you too and maybe they have happened to you just recently.

Well, do you know what is the best way to silence these voices and other people's judgments?

Achieve your most ambitious goals.

What are you waiting for?

Choose if you want to be a tiger or a sheep

Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

"A tiger does not lose sleep in the opinion of a sheep."


Have you ever spent a sleepless night thinking about another person's criticism, note or observation?

I admit, with a little embarrassment, that it happened to me.

Don't get me wrong, listening carefully to the feedback of others can be important to improve ourselves, but we must always take into consideration who is making certain points and why.

There are very few mentors interested in our personal growth, most of the people out there are just sheep who feel the need to unload their frustrations on us.

It is up to us to allow it or not.

Speaking of permits ...

You have to give him your permission

"Nothing and no one can make you feel inferior, unless you allow them to."

Eleanor Roosevelt.

Whether you realize it or not, if someone is treating you badly it's because you are allowing it.

Because remember: the quality of our life is determined by the standards we are willing to lower ourselves to.

This means that there are days when we have to learn to make our voices heard.

Suffering daily unacceptable situations, for a false pretense of a quiet life, there will be no help in any way.

If today someone is going to put their feet on your head or get between you and your goals, simply don't let him.

Face what scares you

Self-esteem phrases: the 10 best aphorisms ever

"Self-confidence is the result of a risky situation overcome brilliantly."

Barry J. Gibb.

In one of the very first GetPersonalGrowth articles I explained how to be happy by applying 3 simple gestures.

Guess what one of these 3 gestures is?

That's right: “face something that scares you“.

Fear is like a tumultuous river: if we choose to stay on our bank of the river, it will shrink more and more and with it our self-esteem and our happiness.

If, on the contrary, we decide to cross that river, which scares us so much, we will finally find our safety and satisfaction on the other side.

The "catch" is that we have to cross the river of fear when we are still scared.

As Prof. Nardone says in fact ... "In nature there is fear, not courage, which is nothing more than vanquished fear".

Lower that handbrake (among the phrases on self-esteem this is perhaps my favorite)

I would like to end this collection of self-esteem quotes with what is probably my absolute favorite.

It is by Maxwell Maltz, author of the famous book “Psychocybernetics".

This sentence underlines one of the key aspects related to low self-confidence:

"Having low self-esteem is like walking the road of life with the handbrake on."

Maxwell Maltz.

Yep, when we're not sure of our abilities we actually live by expressing only a fraction of our real potential.

Don't you also find it an absurd waste?

Then drop that damn handbrake, press the accelerator pedal and speed towards your most ambitious goals.

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