Self-employment and perplexity

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Self-employment and perplexity

Concerns about the opportunity to work on one's own are generally due to the lack of autonomy and intolerance towards uncertainty. Yet overcoming these barriers could be the start of a more prosperous and rewarding working life.

Last update: December 11, 2021

Self-employment is an attractive option for anyone. However, there are many who show doubts, even if they have been unemployed for a long time or in the absence of an income that allows them to live with a certain tranquility.

Being part of an established company and having a boss gives many more peace of mind, security or psychological well-being. This although the job does not offer them the opportunity to grow professionally and to obtain a greater economic balance.

While it is true that self-employment involves risks, it is also true that these risks can be perfectly prevented and managed.

"The good thing about working on your own is being able to decide for yourself."

-Juan Ignacio Jimenez-

Concerns about the opportunity to work on one's own are often linked to the perception of self-employment as a source of limitations. This way of thinking is influenced, above all, by aspects of a psychological and cultural nature.

The dilemma of self-employment

The decision to go self-employed involves solving a dilemma: autonomy vs. uncertainty. Most people appreciate working autonomy. It is common to think that you can get more out of your work, your time or your life by directing your work. This would effectively allow them to manage their own programs, set their priorities, etc.

By working on your own, that autonomy is no longer a desire, but a reality. On the other hand, however, the self-employed is exposed to great uncertainty.

No business guarantees long-term success. Likewise, while gaining greater independence, levels of responsibility and commitment also increase.

This last aspect is perhaps the one that most influences the perplexities faced with the opportunity to work on one's own. It is always easier when someone else decides for us and takes the consequences of these decisions.

It is also easier when someone else carries the weight of uncertainty. In any case, any company, no matter how well established, can fail. Even large industries, large banks, etc.

The "safety" of salaried work

The dream of many is to get a good salaried job, in an established company that thrives and guarantees a long-term future.

This paternalistic scheme is an option that only a minority of the population can access. They are not necessarily "the best", as this is often influenced by chance and luck.

Those who come from a millionaire family or go to circles where there is a lot of money have a better chance of getting a great salaried job, thanks to contacts and not necessarily training or talent.

Similarly, selection mechanisms are sometimes not fair. For example, a company may prefer younger (or older or older) people because this matches their policies. In fact, someone with great talent may not suit them.

So looking for a good salaried job might be a very limited option. Likewise, even if we manage to get it, the world economy is unstable.

The dismissal of workers is a very common measure, especially when there is a crisis. Therefore, even in most salaried jobs there are no definitive certainties.

The independent and the entrepreneur

It is clear that to be an entrepreneur you need the right spirit. Not everyone has to be a great entrepreneur to be self-employed.

The entrepreneur tries to grow, expand, capitalize. The self-employed does not necessarily want this. Rather, he tries to generate income independently. This is a business mode, but it does not imply the founding of a new entity as such.

Ideally, a person decides to work independently for pleasure and conviction, not out of necessity. Unfortunately, many are faced with this option only after much research and have not found their dream job.

This is another important factor that implies perplexity and resistance. It is assumed to be an alternative available only for a moment of insecurity, when it is not.

Sometimes we only learn to swim when we fall into the river. We discovered then that it is a definitive learning and in the end we even liked it. The same goes for self-employment. It is a real option, which can open up many avenues.

When we don't have a job, but still have doubts about the opportunity to work on our own, it would be good to ask ourselves if fear, prejudice and lack of self-confidence are holding us back.

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