Self-confidence | Can the gym help? What you need to know

Self-confidence | Can the gym help? What you need to know

By healthiergang writer The Fitchef, food blogger and nutrition expert.


It will certainly be superfluous to say that sitting all day sitting in front of a PC and watching TV all evening on the sofa is certainly not the best way to get benefits for your health and some improvement in your image, unfortunately this is the routine. followed by most office workers, students and retirees.

Such an attitude is very often reflected in a reduced appreciation for oneself and for one's image while it would be enough to follow a regular routine based on daily exercise to develop, in a short time, a positive attitude, an increased sense of well-being and a general improvement in physical condition, all elements that contribute to building a solid self-esteem.

Staying in exercise helps not only to increase the general sense of well-being, respiratory capacity and muscle tone, but it is a valid tool for developing and increasing self-esteem. For many, the mere fact of being able to apply themselves with constant determination to a defined training plan is enough to nurture an invigorating sense of achievement and fulfillment.

The 8 Best Tips

The first aspect to consider is motivation, it is necessary to find the reason why you are moving towards a path of personal improvement through exercise: that it is better health, more energy, a better relationship with your image, it is always important. remember that you have chosen to start for yourself and not to please someone else and that you do it to create a habit that will last over time.

? Practicing physical activity with the sole aim of obtaining the approval of others or only in the short term, in view of the costume test is the best way to face a long-term failure.

? Practicing physical activity must be a priority that goes beyond a momentary mood, lack of motivation or any transitory excuse. We must always remember the reason why we have chosen to undertake our own path.

? You don't need to force yourself into an activity that you don't feel good about: if you hate running or lifting weights, you don't need to suffer unnecessarily or get bored in the gym. The activities to be carried out to keep fit are numerous, for example students can count on university sports centers that offer numerous facilities and opportunities to discover new possibilities for practicing sports.

? Participating in group activities or group courses helps to recover the benefits of social interactions and meet new people with whom to relate

? Do not give importance to the impression we may give to others: choosing to practice in a public place or in a crowded room can be an insurmountable challenge for those suffering from low self-esteem, but it is good to remember that you are not stepping on a stage beyond. under which a ferocious crowd is waiting for nothing but to be able to express criticisms of us and that in any case the opinions of others leave the time they find.

If you really come across an insurmountable emotional block due to which it is absolutely impossible to face the idea of ​​a workout in a public place, you can always choose home gym as an alternative, at least until the moment in which it is not obtained. a little more self-confidence.

? Do not make comparisons: it is essential to practice according to your possibilities and according to your level and experience, chasing impossible models only serves to accrue frustrations and incur unpleasant injuries.

? Follow a properly planned workout: once you have a training plan, possibly drawn up by an accredited professional, it is important to include it in a planned way in your daily activities in order to be able to complete your training whenever necessary. .

Relying on a professional: whether it is a personal trainer in the weight room or a good tennis teacher, tackling physical exercise under the guidance of a qualified and accredited expert is useful to keep motivation high, to correct movement and attitude towards athletic performance. Choose your mentor calmly and carefully, he will have to accompany you for a long time on your path.

Whatever activity you choose to practice, remember that you are doing it for yourself, to build a better image of yourself, healthier health and a better relationship with yourself and others, the endorphins will do the rest.

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