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Il seitan it is a derivative of wheat flour which is obtained by separating gluten from starches and bran through a filtering process with hot water. Let's find out its properties and nutritional values.

> 1. What is seitan

> 2. Properties and benefits of seitan

> 3. Calories and nutritional values ​​of seitan

> 4. Seitan, ally of

> 5. Curiosity

> 6. A recipe with seitan


Seitan burger



What is seitan

Seitan is also called "wheat meat" due to its high protein content. In the country it is still relatively little known and is mainly used by a niche consisting mostly of those who follow one Vegetarian diet.

Has a appearance similar to meat, but softer in texture, even the flavor is more delicate; when it is natural it reminds a little of that of bread. It can be flavored in many ways to obtain always different flavors.


Properties and benefits of seitan

Seitan is, in general, easily digestible, and it is high in protein. However, it is not a complete food, as it is lacking in Lysine e threonine, two essential amino acids.

This means that to assimilate the protein this deficiency must be compensated for by accompanying it with other protein foods, such as legumes. Furthermore, seitan is deficient in vitamin B12 and iron.

Very positive feature of seitan is its complete composition free of cholesterol and saturated fat.
Seitan is not a suitable food for celiac disease.


Calories and nutritional values ​​of seitan

100 g of seitan contain 168 kcal

Furthermore, for every 100 g of this product, we have:

  • Water 58,2 g
  • Vegetable protein 36,1 g
  • G carbohydrates 5,2
  • 0,4 g fat


Seitan, ally of

Heart, vessels.


You can learn more about the properties of the wheat flour from which seitan is obtained


Curiosities about seitan

For some years, usually in late spring / early summer, a very nice one has been taking place in Tuscany Festival of the Seitan. Visiting it is certainly a good way to learn about this product and to find new ideas on how to cook it.


A recipe up your sleeve

Cooking seitan it's not complicated, just know it. Its preparations are similar to those that are generally used for meat: roasts, meatballs, hamburgers, steaks, etc.

It can be found on the market ready-made, usually vacuum-packed, or in flour. In the latter case, before cooking it as you like, a preliminary procedure must be followed.

In fact, it is necessary knead the flour with hot water, until you get a homogeneous ball and then let it rest for about a quarter of an hour. Roll out the dough and cut it in the way you prefer, according to the final recipe.

For the roast it must be left whole. Finally, the seitan must be boiled for about 20 minutes in water flavored with soy sauce, kombu seaweed, salt, ginger or other spices.

It can also be simply boiled in vegetable broth. The seitan thus obtained is kept in the fridge with the cooking broth, ready to be used in various recipes.



Like seitan, wheat muscle is also a complete food


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