Seeking ourselves in everything that makes us happy

Seeking ourselves in everything that makes us happy

Seeking ourselves in everything that makes us happy

Last update: June 12, 2017

When you feel lost, when you feel that you are missing something, but you do not know what, when what once made you happy is no longer successful or when you lack vital energies, stop and look for it within yourself. The best version of you is the one who makes you smile every morning and who doesn't miss the pleasure of enjoying life.

Your body and your mind are talking to you, they are asking you to stop for a moment to be able to do a search deep within you. Listen carefully and ask yourself: what do I want? Sometimes we go on like robots and we don't have time, during the day, to stop and become aware of what is happening to us, how we feel or if we really are where we want to be.

Duties are part of our daily life, but ... do we really dedicate time to ourselves and to what makes us happy? We must find in ourselves what makes us smile and motivates us to continue enjoying the opportunities that arise from our actions.

It's the little details that help us reconcile with life. To do this, all it takes is a hot shower, a freshly brewed coffee, some music when we walk, a beer after work, see a good movie or read the happy ending of a book. Just tell a joke, kiss and be kissed, make others laugh ...

If we could become aware of all this, we would also be able to stop and find ourselves. Remove the automatic mode of "must" and "must" and enter the mode of "enjoy life", even if you continue to do the same activities as always.

Look for exceptions, break your own rules

Sometimes we live by following some rules (far too rigid and rigorous) that we ourselves impose on ourselves. These are rules that force us to carry around a weight that prevents us from taking off and then flying. If we carry a very heavy backpack on our shoulders, it will then be difficult to be able to feel light, it will be more difficult to go forward calmly and freely, it will be easier to give in to the temptation to follow a path that is not convenient for us to take.

When we talk about looking for exceptions, we are referring to the fact that we have schedules and duties that we cannot ignore, but sometimes it is good to find some time to do nothing, put off a little duty and take some rest. or just let it flow. Regain strength, breathe and then return to life as usual with a big smile.

Laws and rules are also made to be broken and, above all, to be adapted to our needs. We make our plans, but in such a way that they are flexible enough to be able to adapt them to the unexpected and, sometimes, even to some of our whims or desires. To feel complete and happy, to be ourselves. We certainly don't want to go into a mold, we want to be happy and create the person we are.

If there is something that holds us together, that prevents us from being ourselves, that prevents us from enjoying life, then we need to make some changes. Maybe we can't change what has already happened, but we can change the way we see those facts. It is important to seek a point of view that allows us to be free and to contemplate life in a more positive way.

See the challenges and opportunities

A new job, a trip to an unknown city, meeting new people from different cultures, exploring a new place, signing up for new activities can be some of the things that push us to take a leap into the void, but also allow us to know a new part of ourselves and to have fun.

The dangers of entering an unknown world can make us feel vulnerable and that is why we often don't have the courage to jump in. Perhaps the path that is best suited to us is precisely the one blocked by fear. Behind our fears, those precious treasures are hidden.

How would we behave and what decision would we make if we were not afraid? It may be a good question to ask yourself to open a new door. If we search within ourselves, we will find all the necessary tools and perhaps that unexplored area of ​​our being can give us much more than what we think and, thus, make us happier.

Seeing challenges and opportunities, obstacles and opportunities where others see only traps and adversity is a virtue that we can work on and, above all, of which we can rejoice. Happiness is found in the little things of every day. It is up to each of us to become aware of it in order to enjoy life a little more. Sometimes we just need to stop for a moment and realize all the wonderful things around us.

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