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Seek inspiration in your heart

Last update: April 04, 2016

Everyone needs inspiration to move forward in life. When the key factors that can help you continue towards your future goals and objectives, it is difficult to find the right path that leads to success and happiness. Especially if inspiration isn't on your side that day.

On your path you will find yourself facing many challenges, ups and downs, failures and complicated moments that will make you feel powerless, and at times you may feel that your motivations and strength to continue are starting to abandon you.

"Wayfarer there is no way, the way is made by going"

-Antonio Machado-

The amount of stress one goes through in this society, the baggage of emotions that you carry on your shoulders or the slaps of life could make you move away from your emotional well-being ...however, all this does not stop being, at the same time, an essential part of your trip. It must be remembered that both positive and negative circumstances have made you who you are today.

In these difficult times, you may lack the inspiration to empower your redemption. No doubt, as Picasso would say, inspiration, as it came, will leave us if it doesn't find us at work. This is the only way to seduce her and make her stay with you.

Look inside for inspiration and understand who you are

In order to understand which path to follow, you must not let others mark the path of your life. Having gathered most of the necessary information from the outside world, you should be able to look within to understand what your true passions are. Passion is the perfect companion of inspiration, he manages to find it where it hides and pursues it without hesitation.

To find the inspiration you need to stimulate your motivation, you just have to sit down and write a list of your passions. You should be honest with yourself, because as you write them you will realize which direction you want to take.

Once it is clear to you what you want to achieve, set no limits, and remember that if you really want to achieve something, you will only have to seek the means necessary to achieve it. With the right motivation and inspiration, achieving your dreams will no longer be a problem.

"We think of difficulties as a step towards a better life"

-Ludwig van Beethoven-

Knowing your passions and being faithful to them is one of the best ways to survive the most complicated moments in life. Even when everything seems dark to you, you can see an echo of light on the horizon.

Think today what you could do to improve

Think about this. Fear is a re-active emotion: appears when you are placed in front of a stimulus, whether it is real or imaginary. Faced with this reaction, you will be able to regain balance with a certain action. If you are threatened by a crocodile, escape is likely to be your life-saver, but if it's a job interview, you won't get the job by either running away or arguing.

Faced with the fear generated by the situations we have to face, such as an interview, our actions are very important. We have to find something that calms us, soothes us, reduces our pulsations and places us at the best starting point; something that prevents us from leaving our jacket in the waiting room, of making us forget to close the door upon entering, that eliminates hand tremors when we hold it out and allows us to feel comfortable and relaxed.

"Inspiration exists, but it must already find you at work"

-Pablo Picasso-

When you focus on the actions that will block negative emotions, you will realize that you have more control and that, gradually, you will be more yourself even in situations that you have interpreted as a threat.

Don't forget that dreams and memories can guide you

One of the best ways to find inspiration and personal satisfaction is by paying attention to dreams. Think about what you dream about each night and what you want to achieve. Give importance to memories and talk about them so that, little by little, you will be able to take the first step towards where you should be.

"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go and look for it."

-Jack London-

The key to happiness is in your heart, that key will open the chest of inspiration in which there will be all your passions: free them. Do not allow external factors or other people who are not in your shoes to tell you what to do and how to do it. It's about you, the responsibility is yours and nobody else's.

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