Seduce with body language

Seduce with body language

Through body language we can express our interest, not just romantic, for another person. What gestures do we use to seduce?

Seduce with body language

Last update: May 26, 2022

Seducing with body language means showing a set of expressions and gestures to reveal your interest to another person.

This way of communicating occurs involuntarily, but we can also have some control over it if we are good observers.

In many cases, in fact, knowing it allows us to use it in a winning way. For example, we may be tempted to smile, but we also act consciously to control the curve of the smile or the opening of the lips, thus intervening on the expression of the face so that it takes on what we believe is most congenial.

Seducing with body language: women

Dr. Moore (1985) conducted a research study of over two hundred adult women to compile a list of seductive behaviors. The context of the observations was varied: premises, libraries, universities.

Researcher he was able to identify fifty-two behaviors, discovering that they appear more often in clubs than in other contexts. Among these, the most common are those we describe below.

1. Follow the music

Sitting or standing, the woman moves her body to the sound of music. The answer observed during the research study is that this bodily expression made it easier for men to approach and ask her to dance.

2. Shop around

This behavior occurred early in the evening. Do not make eye contact with anyone and quickly move your head while looking around.

Another movement of the head follows, orienting the woman's face to its original position. The total duration of the gaze is short, 5-10 seconds, with no eye contact.

3. Quick and brief look

The gaze in question is aimed at a particular man and then quickly averted (within 3 seconds). The study found that the horizontal rotation of the head during the gaze was about 25-45 degrees. Usually this behavior is repeated three times.

4. Prolonged eye contact

Eye contact now exceeds 3 seconds. The woman looks directly at the man and he returns her gaze. During the research, this behavior was observed multiple times within a minute.

5. Tilt your head

The woman brings her head back so that your face briefly leans up, then returns to the starting position. Often this behavior is combined with a slight waving of the hair.

6. Seduce with body language: move your hair

The woman raises her hand and runs her fingers through her hair. The study found that some women only performed this movement once, while others several times within a 30-second interval.

7. Smile

Smiling was one of the most observed behaviors in women in the study. Because the smile consists in lifting the corner of the lips, causes partial or total exposure of the teeth. In some women, the smile can last a long time.

8. Lean forward

The woman bring your upper body forward; this is a sign of interest, of closeness. This behavior is generally well interpreted by potential partners.

Seduce with the body language of seduction: men

Although men and women share certain gestures and attitudes in the game of seduction, men try to attract attention in a more explicit but concealed way at the same time.

1. Get attention

Man can try to attract attention by straining his muscles (Givens, 2008). To make it obvious, she can wear more fitting clothes.

Displaying physical strength or social and economic status, while not serving to conquer, can help attract attention.

We may not choose someone as a partner because they have more or less money, but most of us would rather have a rich partner than a poor one.

2. Seduce with body language: legs open

Opening your legs and keeping them open shows self-confidence, conveys relaxation and safety. It is also a sign of domination socially attributed to man and his masculinity.

3. Maximization of space

The man tries to occupy most of the space to attract attention of the person they like. This behavior makes it more visible to others and is also a sign of domination.

4. Lean forward

Like women, men also adopt this position to show interest. It's an obvious sign, as we tend to move away from what we don't like and get closer to what we like.

5. Show your arms to seduce with the body

Many men bare their arms when they want to get a woman's attention. Culturally, arms are a symbol of power and strength, thus expressing the ability to physically protect both the potential partner and the future offspring.

6. Seduce with body language: eye contact

Men also play with their eyes when they want to seduce. Eye contact is a key sign of seduction for both men and women. We tend to fix our gaze on the object of our interest and to distance it from what we do not like.


It should be noted that the gestures examined may have other meanings depending on the situation, culture or other personal traits.

It is therefore advisable to interpret them with caution, trying to decipher their meaning as a whole and taking into account the context in which we find ourselves.

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