Seasonal fruit, October

Below is the list of seasonal fruit available in October. Select the fruit to know the properties.

> 1. Pineapple

>  2. Banana

> 3. Cachi

> 4. Chestnuts

> 5. Lemons

> 6. Pomegranate

> 7. Mele

>  8. More

> 9. Pere

> 10. Grape



Pineapple is a tropical fruit rich in bromelain. Its diuretic properties make it a widely used remedy to solve water retention problems and in case of cellulite. In fact, in addition to an effective draining action, pineapple also helps the swelling reabsorb. Pineapple is a valuable ally in the health of tissues, bones and the digestive system. 



Bananas are fruits rich in beneficial properties for the body. They contain, for example, many fibers that help restore the proper functioning of the intestine, avoiding the intake of laxatives. In addition, the vitamins of the B complex and magnesium make bananas useful for the nervous system, thanks to a relaxing effect they exert on it. 



Persimmons they are useful fruits against tiredness and constipation. Very rich in sugars, they are certainly not the most suitable for those suffering from diabetes, but they are excellent for those who need to fight psychophysical stress.



The chestnuts (Castanea sativa) are fruits rich in complex carbohydrates, very similar to cereals in nutritional value. Rich in fiber, minerals and folic acid, chestnuts are very useful during pregnancy and also in case of anemia and fatigue. 


And lemons are the fruits of the lemon tree (Citrus limon), a plant that belongs to the Rutaceae family. They are rich in vitamin C and therefore very useful for the balance of the immune system, and to defend against flu and cold. 



The pomegranate it is a fruit that is friendly to the intestine, heart and cartilage, used both in the prevention of tumors (thanks to the content of punic acid) and in the fight against problems related to menopause and andropause. Pomegranate is also known as an antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, vermifuge and vasoprotective.



Apples, allies of the intestine and brain, are the fruits of Pirus malus, native to Central Asia. Also useful for keeping the heart, lungs and teeth in good health, they contain a good percentage of vitamin C which allows cellular respiration.



Le More they are antioxidant fruits. They can be both wild bramble (Rubus ulmifolius) and cultivated bramble (Rubus canadensis). Both varieties are rich in folic acid and help regulate homocysteine ​​levels, which are very important in pregnancy to prevent even very serious damage to the fetus. 



Le pears they are allied fruits of the brain whose skins are rich in fiber. Useful for improving alertness and storing memories and notions, pears are also useful for controlling blood cholesterol levels. 



Grapes, the fruit of the vine (Vitis vinifera), are rich in nutritional and beneficial properties. In fact, it is one of the most energetic and sugary fruits, highly recommended in the diet of children and the elderly due to the rapid assimilation of the simple sugars contained in it. 


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