Seasonal fruit, May

Seasonal fruit, May

Below is the list of seasonal fruit available in May. Select the fruit to know the properties.

> 1. Apricots

> 2. Sour cherries 

>  3. Banana

> 4. Cherries

> 5. Strawberries

> 6. Raspberries

> 7. Lemons

> 8. Melons

> 9. Nespole

> 10. Grapefruits



Apricots they are the fruit of the Prunus armeniaca plant. Rich in beta-carotene and lycopene, apricots are useful against cholesterol "bad" LDL. From their kernels an oil is obtained that is widely used in natural cosmetics, with beneficial properties for the skin and useful against free radicals.


Sour cherries

Black cherries, or sour cherries, are the fruits of the Prunus cerasus tree, widely used in cooking, in particular for the production of jams, syrups, jams and liqueurs. The peduncles of black cherries have diuretic properties and are therefore used against cystitis and renal insufficiency.



La banana it is a fruit rich in phosphorus, vitamins, potassium and fiber. Precisely for this reason, eating bananas regularly helps restore the proper functioning of the intestine. Thanks to the presence of vitamin B and magnesium, these fruits also have a relaxing effect on the entire nervous system.



The cherries they are the fruit of Prunus avium and, thanks to their properties, are useful for liver and heart health, and against diabetes. They are rich in proteins, vitamins A and C and minerals, including above all calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium. Cherries are also considered very effective for the treatment of gout, as they contain antioxidants that can relieve inflammation.



Strawberries are fruits rich in nutrients and low in calories, with a diuretic, refreshing and purifying action. They contain phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2 and C and also xylitol, which can prevent the formation of dental plaque and bad breath.



Raspberries, the fruits of the Rubus idaeus plant, are widely used both in cooking and in phytotherapy. Useful for regulating the menstrual cycle and resolving menopausal disorders, raspberries contain a fair amount of minerals and a good amount of vitamins, in particular vitamin A. They are composed mostly of water, about 80%, and are therefore diuretic, refreshing and purifying fruits. 



And lemons they are excellent allies of the immune system thanks to the vitamin C they contain. They are useful, in fact, to defend against attacks of flu and cold, because they act on the levels of histamine, an organic compound that makes the eyes red and runny, lowering them. 



The melon it is a fruit with few calories, rich in minerals and with a high satiating power. Thanks to its properties, melon is a refreshing, diuretic, thirst-quenching fruit and also has a laxative action. The presence of phosphorus and calcium makes melon an excellent ally of the bones, while beta-carotene helps the body to produce melanin; the melon is therefore also a valid ally of the tan.



The medlars they are useful for regulating intestinal and liver function and have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Rich in vitamins A, B and C, medlars also have a high satiating power, therefore useful in case of slimming diets. 



The grapefruit, rich in fiber, flavonoids and vitamins A, B and C, it is a valid ally of the liver and the cardiovascular system. Contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, and is useful for stimulating digestion. In addition, grapefruit seeds are useful against cystitis thanks to their antibacterial properties. 


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