Say yes to life

So often we reject the experience that we have before us. It is usually out of habit, not wanting this particular experience, not feeling the discomfort or uncertainty ... or not really understanding that we will not get what we want. Try saying yes to life.

Say yes to life

We reject the experience that we have before us.

We don't like the way others behave (they are totally unwarranted, they are idiots!). Getting mad at ourselves for messing up again (idiot, why are you always doing this?) Closing into the uncertainty of whatever is going on, distracting yourself (um, I just can't).

Complaining about others, often only in our heads (I don't know why they always have to do this!)

Withdrawing into oneself, turning one's head away, when things get difficult (I can't take it anymore, why does she always have to complain?). Avoiding discomfort or fear of something difficult (it's too difficult, not for me).

This rejection of our experience is why we often get frustrated with other people, close in on ourselves, and avoid difficult things.

This is one of the main reasons we struggle with good habits: meditation, exercise, healthy food, writing, reading, etc. These principles aren't easy, so it's easy to say no, even when we know we should say yes.

For this and other reasons we take refuge in alcohol, smoking, junk food, TV shows for decerebrates, social media, and all the other distractions at hand. 

But what if ... we tried to say yes to these principles? 

But what if ... we try to change habits?

Think about everything you complain about. To everything that makes you be perplexed. Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, that you want to avoid. Anything that is bad makes you angry, makes you an unpleasant person (sometimes).

Now imagine that you can be open to all of this.

You could be in a room full of people you don't normally like, and be compassionate to them. Seeing that in the end they are not that bad. And love them, just as they are.

Love every experience, every moment, as it is.

What if I could say yes to all of this? What would it change for you?

This does not mean that you have to give up against the injustices that stand in your way. Love people who suffer. Be compassionate towards everyone, even if you disagree with their actions or beliefs.

What if I could say yes to all the difficult things in life? 

Your scariest project, the most difficult tasks, the most boring moments?

The practice is to face everything, and to open up to it. See the beauty of the moment, even in the parts you normally reject or don't like. Love the parts of yourself that you usually want to change.

Love everything.

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