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Le savory pies they cannot be missing in your cookbook since you can prepare them in a thousand different ways and adapt to all tastes and food choices, yours, your family and friends. Plus, everyone really likes quiches and is a real breakthrough when there is a need to recycle leftovers.

If you want to prepare a savory pie in a workmanlike manner, prepare it all at home, including the puff pastry, instead of buying packaged products. The vegetable filling can easily vary according to the seasons and so it becomes very easy to bring savory pies to the table following vegetarian recipes.

Over time we have also collected many vegan recipes to prepare savory pies. In this way you can really unleash your creativity to give life to savory and healthy pies, as well as always different.

Savory pies are perfect to serve both as an aperitif and as an appetizer but also as a first course accompanied by an ad hoc side dish, for example a salad, seasonal vegetables or legumes.

Here is a collection of recipes to follow to prepare the savory pies which you prefer, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free.

Vegan savory pies

To prepare vegan savory pies you will have to pay attention to both the filling and the pastry as they must not contain eggs, butter and dairy products. The advice in this case is to prepare a simple base with water, flour and extra virgin olive oil.

Vegetarian savory pies

Vegetarian savory pies are easy to enrich with your favorite seasonal vegetables. The filling can also be combined with fresh cheeses such as mozzarella or ricotta, to be flavored with herbs in your city: basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram.

Savory summer pies

The summer vegetarian pies are enriched with the typical ingredients of this season such as courgettes, aubergines, peppers and green beans. With courgettes and aubergines, but also with peppers, you can prepare sauces to stuff them, as well as use them in slices.

Savory winter pies

Radicchio, savoy cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Tuscan black cabbage: here are some of the typical seasonal ingredients that you can choose for the filling of your winter savory pies to make them always different, rich and tasty.

Savory autumn pies

Even in autumn you can prepare very special vegetarian or vegan savory pies. For autumn savory pies choose pumpkin, potatoes, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes but also walnuts and chestnuts, according to your tastes.

Rustic savory pies

For the base of your rustic savory pies you can choose natural leavening and give space to the sourdough in order to obtain really tasty and characteristic doughs. Vary the filling of your rustic quiches according to the seasons.

Savory pumpkin pies

You can prepare the pumpkin pie in autumn or winter during the typical season for these vegetables that if you are lucky you can pick them directly from your garden. And if you have leftovers in the fridge, the pumpkin pie is ideal for recycling.

Savory pies with courgettes

The zucchini savory pie is the classic of the classics, it is the simplest and fastest recipe to prepare since the courgettes cut into thin slices cook quickly in the oven and are easy to combine with other vegetables or homemade pesto.

Savory pies with potatoes

Among the ingredients you can choose to fill or create your own homemade savory pies potatoes cannot be missing. For example our potato and agretti tart, a vegetarian main course really tasty, and is in fact a valid alternative gluten free to the classic savory pies, usually prepared with pasta brisee or puff pastry. Here the complete recipe.


Quick savory pies

: Grandma's recipes

Quick to prepare savory pies have a base prepared only with water, flour and extra virgin olive oil, without yeast, and are seasoned with vegetables that cook quickly, such as courgettes and thinly sliced ​​aubergines. Here are the recipes to take inspiration from.

Easy pies

: Simple Fast

More quiches easy to prepare they do not have very elaborate fillings and provide simple combinations for the filling such as ricotta and seasonal vegetables, potatoes cut into thin slices and mozzarella, peas and carrots cut into cubes. Here and here the recipes to take inspiration from.

Savory pies with Thermomix

: Water, sugar and flour

Those who have a food processor will be able to prepare savory pies at home even more quickly since mixing the ingredients for the base will be even easier. Here and here the recipes of savory pies with Thermomix.

Savory pies without gluten

: Gluten free

To prepare gluten-free savory pies you need to replace the wheat flour that is usually used for the dough of the base with a gluten-free flour suitable for celiacs. Here and here the recipes to inspire you.

Savory pies without butter

There are many alternatives to prepare the savory pies without butter. For example, you can prepare a shortcrust pastry or a vegan puff pastry at home, which will be without butter and without eggs at the same time. Here and here other recipes.


Savory pies without eggs

Some recipes for making savory pies involve adding in the dough and / or filling of the eggs. In reality, eggs are not essential for making quiches and can easily be omitted or replaced with other ingredients. Here and here some useful recipes.


Savory pies with ricotta and spinach

: The garlic clove

Ricotta and spinach, here is one of the most popular fillings for quiches. The fresh spinach they cook very quickly. The advice is to prepare them in a pot or pan before using them as a filling for savory pies. Here and here the recipes.

Savory pies with spelled flour

With spelled flour you can vary the base of your savory pies. In fact the savory pies with spelled flour they are prepared by replacing wheat flour with this lesser-known ingredient but which allows you to orient yourself towards cereals and flavors that are a little different from usual.


Savory pies with spiral vegetables

Savory pies garnished with spiral vegetables they really have a great effect and are also very good. For the vegetable spiral you can choose to cut carrots, aubergines, courgettes, radicchio and other vegetables into strips. Here and here the recipes to learn how to prepare them.

Savory pies with radicchio

: Taste Blog

Between autumn and winter you can prepare yours savory pies al radicchio combining it, for example, with walnuts, or pears, or even ricotta or fresh cheese for a vegetarian quiche. Here and here the recipes.

Savory cakes in the shape of a sunflower

Have you ever tried to prepare one savory pie in the shape of a sunflower? The process is a bit more laborious than traditional savory pies but the effect is really nice and will give you a lot of satisfaction. To learn, watch the video.

What are your favorite recipes for making savory pies?

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