Sapiosexual: attracted to intelligence

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Sapiosexual: attracted to intelligence

Last update: December 13, 2017

Sapiosexual is the term used to indicate a person who considers intelligence the main factor of sexual attraction. The word comes from the Latin “sapiens”, which means wise or judicious.

Sapiosexuals are emotionally activated in the face of innovative stimuli and pay little attention to what is repetitive. Trait that personality psychology defines as openness to experience.

Precisely for this reason, yes they feel sexually attracted above all to conversations that open their minds to new horizons. This excitement, which at first is only mental, ends up extending to other levels, such as the physical, emotional and erotic.

This phenomenon can affect both sexes, that is, both men and women. However, it is more common or more expressed by the female gender, as women focus less on physical appearance than men and need other stimuli to fall in love.

Sapiosexual and erotic intelligence

The psychiatrist Lister Rossel argues that the brain is the main sexual organ, even before the skin and genital organs. On the other hand, sexologist Emma Ribas states that intellectual seduction adds greater quality to the relationship, as intelligence awakens a desire which is then translated on a physical level.

For sapiosexuals, the conversation turns into a sexual game between two minds. They love surprises. They frequently leave room for desire and know how to keep it alive through mystery. This attitude is known as erotic intelligence.

Being attracted to intelligence, however, can also present some dangers, especially from people who are insecure or with low self-esteem. In these cases, in fact, addictive relationships can be established as insecure people diminish themselves. They admire those they think are intelligent, because they do not see themselves as such.

Finding love within

Social networks are giving visibility, based on new lexical paradigms, to concepts that have existed all life. According to sociologist Francesc Núñez, looking for labels to define relationships is not new, but a human necessity to function on the basis of stereotypes and prejudices that guide us in social life.  

In this sense, sapiosexual is one of the terms that have become fashionable to describe a circumstance that has always existed: sexual attraction towards the intelligence of others. Although the term is new, the link between intelligence and mind as an interpersonal attraction dates back to the writings of the philosopher Plato, as far back as 380 BC.

Sapiosexuals are seduced by the word. They love to have quality conversations and dialogues that stimulate them and make them flee from superficiality, finding love in the other person's interior. However, being sapiosexual does not mean not taking into account other parameters, such as physical appearance or personality.

It is also possible that these people are connecting unconsciously the intelligence of the partner with a more secure and stable relationship. Somehow, they associate intelligence with better decisions and protection in the relationship.

Sapiosexuality is another aspect to include along with the other criteria we use to choose the person we would like to be with. Ultimately, if we want to spend our time with a person, we might as well bring us interesting conversations and be able to keep the mystery and desire alive.

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