Salmiakki, la Liquirizia salad

Salmiakki, la Liquirizia salad

Certain tastes belong to us since birth. Perhaps a Canadian will never understand the reason for the Chinese centenary egg, just as it is difficult for us to appreciate a taste like that of salty licorice.

Licorice however we know well as a food and product, the Calabrian production is in fact known, an ingredient in numerous preparations and herbal teas, liqueurs, sweets and candies.

Except for a few rare exceptions, it is difficult for us to enjoy one with joy salmiakki finlandese, have you ever tried it?


Salmiakki, la Liquirizia salad

We discovered it by accidentally buying it in some small shop in northern Europe and, tasting it, it sent a shiver down our spine. Like it or not, of course it is a taste we are not really used to, we are talking about salmiakki, la Liquirizia salad.

Widely consumed in Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, it is also known in the Netherlands and the Baltic states. salty licorice is used in a variety of candy containing ammonium chloride, in addition to licorice root extract, sugar and starch or gum arabic. You can find them online, but also in the various shops and chains in the north, where you can find a department dedicated to candies of all shapes and forms, diamond-shaped liquorice, in stuffed, shiny, black, gray or white logs or covered with a white powder.

But what exactly is the ammonium chloride? Also known as ammonium salt, it is the ammonium salt of hydrochloric acid; its pure form is that of a crystalline and white salt, which dissolves in water, with a salty and spicy taste. In nature it forms in volcanic areas, on rocks or near vapor vents.


Licorice plant: cultivation, harvest and use


Where is ammonium chloride found

In addition to candy, this salt is also used for batteries, such as rice fertilizer, in shampoos, in household cleaners and in cattle food. It is also an ingredient found in diuretic and medical compounds cough treatment, since it has mucolytic properties.

In foods, as well as in licorice candies, ammonium chloride is used for flavoring liqueurs such as vodka and brandy, ice cream, cola drinks and meat.

Famous is in fact also the Salmiakkikossu, Also known as Salmari, for an Finnish liqueur produced with turkish pepper and salty licorice, which has an alcohol content of 38%. It is one of the most popular shot liqueurs, with an atypical and very particular taste, which will not fail to fascinate those who already have a certain passion for original salted licorice candies.

Ammonium chloride is generally considered safe, although it can cause skin irritation in some people.

Please note:: if a Swedish friend accidentally gives you a pack of "Lakrisal" get ready to shed tears-of-salt: it is so salty and has such a strange taste that it seems like a soy sauce candy!


Growing licorice indoors


| "Swedish salty liquorice" di Marcin Floryan


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