Saffron, the effective spice against insomnia

Did you know it saffron produces the same effects on the brain as the fluoxetine, the active ingredient of many drugs used to fight anxiety, stress and depressive states? This is why, if consumed regularly, it helps to counteract insomnia, especially when it is caused by a situation of emotional distress.

Because saffron relaxes you

"Lo saffron contains vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin E, minerals and two carotenoids crocina and crocetin: a mix of substances from the effect sedative which, as demonstrated by a recent Iranian study, is able to act on the central nervous system, activating the synthesis of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of good mood that also regulates the quality and duration of sleep ", explains the doctor Cinzia Longobucco, nutritionist biologist.

How and how much to use

You can prepare yourself an infusion to sip before going to bed with 1 g of agree of saffron, 5 g of passionflower and 5 g of valerian, or add the spice to your dishes.

«Since it is a natural drug, however, the amount of 1,5 g per day should not be exceeded. Otherwise you run the risk of experiencing symptoms such as nausea and headache, ”says the expert.

As an alternative to stigmas can use it in dust: in both cases, however, be wary of products that are too cheap and brightly colored, because it is very likely that they are not real saffron but a by-product obtained from the safflower plant. Absolutely, better to focus on saffron from the PDO country like the one grown in L'Aquila and Sardinia.

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