Safe Myprotein products? The certified quality of the English company

    Safe Myprotein products? The certified quality of the English company

    You have to buy supplements and you are typing the question online: Are Myprotein products safe? The English company has been active in the sports nutrition sector since 2004 and has obtained a series of quality certifications for both its factories and products.

    Myprotein, in fact, has received the AA level certification for food safety from the British Retail Consortium. Not only that, the company collaborates with the laboratories of the LCG Sport Science group. The latter performed the tests to ensure the quality of Myprotein products and certified the absence of all substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (AMA).


    Quality of Myprotein products: proteins, vitamins and nutrition

    The answer to the question "Safe Myprotein products?" includes an article to be named immediately to dispel any doubts: whey proteins isolated from whey.

    These are fast-absorbing proteins that you can mix in water or milk after training. Myprotein Whay Protein is effective in building muscle mass and has been included among the high-quality products of the sports nutrition industry.

    The independent medical company Labdoor, which specializes in testing sports nutrition products, ranked Impact Whey Isolate protein first for quality and second for convenience.

    In fact, in making its products, the company is always very attentive to economic convenience and also to flavor. Not surprisingly, proteins are available in many flavors, from white chocolate to banana, from strawberry to chocolate with nuts.

    Among the best Myprotein products are also included those intended for vegans, results without any component of animal derivation in the control tests. The vegan line includes, for example, pea and brown rice proteins, biscuits and protein shakes.

    All products can be purchased online and arrive home in 4/7 working days. Furthermore, in the case of purchases over 50 euros, the shipping costs are free.

    Myprotein products for weight loss and more

    Safe weight loss products are also included in the Myprotein category, including:

    • green tea extract
    • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
    • L-Carnitine (Amino Acid)
    • Impact whey protein
    • ZMA supplement (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6)
    • Cod liver oil

    Do you want to buy any of the Myprotein products? You can stock up on protein and vitamin supplements using a Myprotein Discount Code. In this way, you can make your purchases by obtaining an immediate reduction on the price of the products.

    Where to buy Myprotein products

    The products are all on sale in the shop. Simply sign up to start shopping, using PayPal or credit cards from the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express circuits.

    Once you have opened your account, you can also refer Myprotein to a friend. You will then receive a discount coupon worth € 10, while your friend will get a coupon for three months of unlimited free shipping. The coupon on deliveries is sent after a first purchase of € 35. 

    Among other things, the shop also guarantees the right of return. Customers can exercise it within the limit of 14 days from delivery of the package.

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