RP Crawford's Attribute List: A Technique for Empowering Creativity

    RP Crawford's Attribute List: A Technique for Empowering Creativity Very often when we talk about creativity it comes to us
    to mind the idea of ​​an innovative product. However, there are several degrees
    creativity and sometimes you don't need a completely new product, but simply
    to downsize the ideas that we already have and that have already been useful to us in
    past. To achieve this one of the techniques
    best is the Attribute List created by RP Crawford. How is this technique applied? For this technique to give results in the first place
    you have to make a list of the characteristics or attributes of the product or
    service that you want to improve in order to later explore new ways
    allow you to change the functionality or improve each of these
    attributes. Let's take an example: suppose a firm
    you want to develop new ideas for improving a blender (this is the
    problem). 1. Make a list of the current attributes of the model.
    It would look something like this: - Made of stainless steel - Wooden handle - Handmade - Variable speed - Anyone can use it - You need both hands to use it 2. Each of the attributes is analyzed
    individually and ask questions about how they could be
    improve, for example: - Wooden handle: you could make another one
    material? Could it fit in the hand? Could you have it in different colors?
    Could it have a completely different design? - You need two hands to use it: you could
    manufacture in such a way that it can only be used with one hand (for
    example from a disabled person)? You could embed a device for it to
    be used with one hand only? Should it have an engine? And so to follow. How many more questions for each
    attribute the better it will be. 3. The best ideas that came up in step number 2 do
    they select for a later evaluation.
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