Risotto with artichokes: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Artichokes risotto - Fibers and water, mineral salts e Vitamins: take advantage of the last few remnants to fill up on artichokes! Artichokes facilitate digestion, are a natural diuretic, improve the production of digestive juices and also have positive effects on the liver and on reducing cholesterol.

And not only! THE artichokes are good also for the health of the kidneys and the gallbladder, which will thus have to deal with a lower load of toxins.

Versatile in the kitchen like most vegetables, artichokes lend themselves to the most varied risotto recipes. All require an inevitable first step: the painstaking cleaning of the artichokes which, once cut as you prefer, you will have to dip into a large bowl and wet them with lemon juice.

Here are some ideas for you:


Risotto with artichokes in white wine

Few ingredients and a simple procedure for a tasty and refined dish. After having chopped the shallot and toasted the rice, add a little vegetable broth and then the artichokes with a good sprinkling of white wine. Then finish cooking. Here the recipe.


Wild red rice with artichokes

Also known as wild red rice, the grains of this type of rice, very much in your city, are characterized by their beautiful deep red color. The cooking is quite long, but it will give the dish a truly unique flavor. Together with the inevitable vegetable broth, here's how to prepare it with fresh artichokes. Here the recipe.

Risotto with artichokes and saffron

A traditional saffron risotto even tastier if you accompany it with gods artichokes fresh and with freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can garnish the dish with small organic lemon peels and ground black pepper. Here the recipe.


Artichoke risotto with carrots

Little extra virgin olive oil will be, shallot and an ingredient that will give a different touch of color: the carrots. After having fried the shallot, add the diced carrot, then the artichokes and proceed as the most classic of risottos. Here the recipe.

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Vegan artichoke risotto with seitan and soy cream

No butter to whip and just soy cream. Add the onion to very thin strips of seitan and brown. Add the artichoke and cook. Pour in the rice and toast over very high heat, then add the wine and let it evaporate. When cooked, add soy cream and mix. Here the recipe.

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Artichoke risotto with stracchino

Prepare the risotto with artichokes as usual, in the meantime chop some fresh thyme and grate the lemon zest. When it is time to stir the rice, then add everything and, a few minutes before turning off the heat, add the stracchino and finish mixing well. Here the recipe.

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7) Venere risotto with artichokes

The secret this time is to use another type of rice. Thinly slice the onion and fry in a little extra virgin olive oil. In the meantime, cut the artichokes as usual and add them to the pan. Deglaze with white wine and stir from time to time. Add water and cook. Then add the chef's touch: Venere rice. Here the recipe.

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Risotto with artichokes with the Thermomix

An idea could also be to prepare your artichoke risotto with kitchen robot, but pay attention to the doses of the ingredients to be weighed, the programs to choose and the cooking times. Here the recipe.

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Risotto with artichokes with cherry tomatoes

Fry a little onion and a little garlic together in a pan, add the drained artichokes and let them flavor, then add the rice and proceed as usual. When almost cooked, add the cherry tomatoes and plenty of parsley. Here the recipe.

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Pumpkin risotto with artichokes with pumpkin

Carciofi e pumpkin does this seem an unlikely match? Taste this recipe and you will change your mind. Proceed as usual to prepare the risotto, to which, almost at the end of cooking, add the previously browned pumpkin. Serve the dish with the artichokes stuffed with breadcrumbs. Here the recipe.

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