Rice flour: 10 recipes to use it at its best

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La XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour it is obtained by finely grinding the grains of this completely gluten-free cereal. In numerous recipes, rice flour can replace the soft wheat flour to obtain dishes suitable for whom suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Those lucky enough to own a small electric mill or a powerful food processor can obtain the rice flour starting from the grains. However, it is easily found, even in full version, in many supermarkets, online and in organic product stores.


Here are many recipes to make the most of rice flour in cooking.


Shortcrust pastry for tart with rice and chestnut flour

With the XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour you can obtain a shortcrust pastry suitable for the preparation of the base of cakes and pies. You can combine chestnut flour with rice flour. The blog Chlorophyll proposes to use this base for a tart to be filled with dried plum cream. This special tart is without added sweeteners. follow here the complete recipe.

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Bechamel with rice flour

Rice flour can replace soft wheat flour to make one gluten-free bechamel and dairy-free. It will be a very light béchamel, suitable both for the preparation of lasagne, both to fill other savory dishes. Calculate to use 35 g of rice flour and 35 g of extra virgin olive oil for 500 ml of unsweetened almond milk. To obtain a more consistent béchamel you can increase the doses of rice flour and oil up to 50 gr. Here the complete recipe.

Rice flour cake, chestnuts and apples

This rice flour cake, chestnuts and apples proposed by the blog Clorofilla is not the usual castagnaccio. It is in fact a richer cake than the classic castagnaccio, thanks to the addition of apples and rice flour, which will make it much softer. To help this cake rise, you will need some baking soda. THU the complete recipe.

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Cookies With Rice Flour

The blog The Witches' Kitchen proposes an interesting recipe to prepare gods rice flour biscuits in your city, made with vanilla and with the addition of lemon zest. These are real shortbread biscuits. Rice flour completely replaces soft wheat flour. These cookies are gluten-free. THU the complete recipe.

the kitchen of the witches.

Rice dumplings

With the rice flour you can prepare the rice dumplings typical of the Chinese cooking. To obtain them you will need both rice flour and soft wheat flour, in order to form a compact dough, with the addition of water. As the blog suggests Elisina's Recipes, you can season your rice dumplings with mushrooms, carrots, zucchini and soy sauce. Here the complete recipe.


Rice cream

The fastest of the rice creams it is prepared starting from simple rice flour. There macrobiotic cuisine suggests consuming it for breakfast, as the blog recalls natural wire. Calculate to use 1 part of rice flour and 6 parts of water (for example, 1 glass of rice flour and 6 glasses of water). Here the complete recipe.


Verdure in tempura

prepare a batter suitable for cooking verdure in tempura 125 g of rice flour, 2 egg whites and 250 ml of sparkling water. Mix sparkling water and rice flour, then add the beaten egg whites. Pass the sliced ​​vegetables in the batter and fry them in quality boiling oil.


Chat with rice flour

The blog A little crumbs in the kitchen offers a very interesting recipe to prepare a gluten-free version of the classics Chatter. In fact, soft wheat flour is replaced by rice flour. For the rest, there is no shortage of typical ingredients of the traditional preparation of chatter to be tasted in Carnival and not only. THU the complete recipe.


Almond biscuits with rice flour

With the almonds and XNUMX/XNUMX cup rice flour you can prepare biscuits suitable for everyone, even for those who cannot eat foods that contain gluten. Corn flour and rice flour are perfect for obtaining very tasty biscuits. The consistency of the dough makes it suitable for use with the pastry bag or the biscuit gun. Follow here the complete recipe.

Homemade hot chocolate

Rice flour is one of the essential ingredients to prepare the homemade hot chocolate. In fact, rice flour helps thicken the mixture made up of milk, cocoa and chocolate, when you heat it. The advice is to mix everything very well with a whisk, to avoid the formation of lumps. THU you find many recipes to prepare hot chocolate at home.

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