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    Relationship crisis: 5 warning signs that indicate a lack of love

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    Robert Maurer

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    Most people don't like change, they feel very good about it
    their comfort zone to get out of it. So sometimes they even go so far as to deny too
    the more obvious things, like the lack of love. It is a mechanism that
    we automatically activate to protect ourselves from change and, often, yes
    it mainly presents when a couple has been together for many years or when they have lived
    very intense experiences. In these cases, they usually both try to
    cling to the past because they don't want to recognize reality, a reality
    in which love has ended.

    The main signs that indicate the lack of love in the partner

     1. Feeling uneasy about everything the other person says or does. In the
    early stages of the relationship, love is so great that it blinds us, everything it does
    the other looks adorable to us. Over time, this intense passion
    give way to reality and you start seeing the flaws. In a mature relationship
    we accept them and even come to love these defects, but sometimes this does not
    happens. Then, the other person's flaws start bothering us.If you are noticing that your partner's flaws start bothering you more than
    usual and can even go so far as to trigger a disproportionate reaction,
    then chances are you're falling out of love. 2. When destructive criticism appears. When there is a lot of trust between two people it is
    normal that criticisms are not inhibited, that is, they tend to be more
    direct and heavy. However, when it ends to continually criticize the
    your partner and everything he does makes you feel bad, maybe you have stopped loving him.
    to hurt or just for the pleasure of criticizing, you better both be there
    propose to evaluate your relationship, why not put a stop to this situation
    it could cause a lot of damage. 3. When you belittle the other person. We all have flaws and not always
    we manage to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, but the role
    of the couple is also to provide mutual support in difficult times.
    If instead of doing this, you begin to despise the other person, yes
    insults or always communicates in a sarcastic way, love is likely to be
    This is because the person who has stopped loving has also stopped appreciating
    the positive characteristics of his partner and is concentrated only in the sides
    negatives. It is a mechanism that he unconsciously practices for
    prepare for the breakup and make it less painful. However, in the meantime, there
    it hurts both of you. 4. When a wall of incommunicability rises. Some people don't attack their partner
    and they do not criticize it, they simply erect an insurmountable wall, they close
    in silence and break all channels of emotional communication. They are limited to
    talk about mundane things and household chores.5. When adopting a defensive attitude. When someone does something wrong
    and thinks he is discovered, it is normal for him to take a defensive attitude,
    as if expecting an attack that can come at any moment. The same
    it happens in the couple relationship, especially when an infidelity has occurred.
    If you feel tense in front of your mate and expect that in any
    time a pitched battle can begin, then perhaps the time has come
    to put the cards on the table and see what will happen in reality. A
    an attitude of this kind will not only create more problems for you, but it will make you
    become even more stressed and irritable.
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