Reflections by Arthur Schopenhauer

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Reflections by Arthur Schopenhauer

Arthur Schopenhauer's reflections are the legacy of one of the most beloved German philosophers. We present 5 sentences and the related food for thought.

Last update: Augusts 04, 2020

Arthur Schopenhauer's reflections are the legacy of one of the best known German philosophers. A gift for all those who want to get to know him more closely and find food for thought in his sentences.

Arthur Shopenhauer was an assiduous admirer of Plato and Kant. Curiously, his thinking was influenced by Hindu philosophy as well as Buddhism and Taoism. Based on this, he developed his own philosophical system, which inspired great philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche.

All religions promise a reward that goes far beyond this life, that goes towards eternity, and that is due to the merits of will or heart, but no reward will be destined to the merits of the mind, of understanding.

-Arthur Schopenhauer-

Schopenhauer is also one of the most sought after philosophers, especially among the young. He had a very particular way of revealing his thoughts, with great naturalness and even almost with a sense of humor.

His ethical thinking promotes compassion, self-denial of the ego and art as the highest expression. His reflections are lucid and interesting. Some of them are contained in the following selection of phrases.

Reflections by Arthur Schopenhauer

1. Destino

Several phrases of this philosopher are reflections on the meaning of life and freedom. In this regard, he takes a clear position in front of the concept of destiny.: "Destiny shuffles the cards and we play".

This is a very acute reflection. Destiny, in fact, could be defined as the set of circumstances beyond our control: to be born in a specific time, in a specific place and in a specific family; or, living certain historical conditions, etc. But we decide what to do with what we have.

2. When no wind is favorable

One of Arthur Schopenhauer's best reflections: “No wind is favorable if you don't know which port to land at”. It is a statement that contains within itself a criticism of the lack of clarity and determination of the human being.

This phrase by Schopenhauer suggests the importance of defining a north point in order to advance. It is not possible to face the vicissitudes successfully if we do not clarify the direction we are taking. The "what" helps to find the "how".

3. Where to find happiness?

Much of Arthur Schopenhauer's phrases are dedicated to ethics and happiness. In this regard, the philosopher stated that "It is difficult to find happiness in oneself, but it is impossible to find it elsewhere ”.

It has two realities. The first is that finding happiness isn't easy. And the other is that, nevertheless, if there is a chance to do it, it is a process that must take place within us. Happiness is never found outside of us.

4. Think and believe

Arthur Shopenhauer was an intelligent and profound critic. He did not limit himself to his time and his space, but rather tried to delve into the universal essence of the human being. Among the aspects he was most interested in we remember the way in which we process information.  

In this regard he states: "Most men are not capable of thinking, but only of believing, and they do not know how to access reason, but only to authority". In this case, it questions why many people are resistant to autonomous thinking. What prevails is to emulate what the authority or the majority says.

5. Loneliness and its fruits

Loneliness is also one of the topics that have always intrigued great thinkers and was also a source of inspiration for Arthur Schopenauer's reflections. "The young person must learn to be alone as soon as possible, since loneliness is a source of happiness and peace of mind".

Like other philosophers, Schopenhauer saw loneliness as a condition from which one cannot escape. However much the human being tries to resist, sooner or later he will have to face the difficulties of being alone. The advice of the German philosopher is to get used to it as soon as possible. It will not only solve the fear of loneliness, but it will also ensure greater peace and happiness.

Schopenhauer was, is and will be one of those thinkers who never goes out of style. Arthur Schopenhauer's refined reflections, his literary prowess and his acute questions will always occupy a prominent role in the history of philosophy. We can learn from any line of his writings: it will always be a pleasure to read.

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