Reducetarians: eat less meat but of quality to protect the environment and health

    Reducetarians: eat less meat but of quality to protect the environment and health

    They don't feel like becoming vegetarian yet and will probably never make that choice, but they have decided to reduce meat consumption and, when they eat it, they buy it always of quality. These are the reducetariani, a term coined by the British Brian Kateman who started a blog on the subject, the Reducetarian blog which is having great success in the UK.

    It is a bit of the same concept of "less, but better" in meat consumption backed up since 2013 by a United Nations study, entitled "Our Nutrient World", in which experts had warmly advised the populations of the rich world to become “demitarian”, that is of halving the amount of meat for the benefit of the environment.

    Kateman is convinced this is it a choice within everyone's reach and important to make on an ethical level, in defense of the environment but advantageous even healthily speaking. On his blog we read:

    IT IS HEALTHY: By eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables, Reducetarians live longer, healthier and happier.

    IT'S EASY: reducetarians set easily achievable goals for learning to gradually eat less meat.

    IT'S ETHICAL: eating less meat is important for the well-being of animals and the environment.

    Kateman's practical advice for those who want to approach this lifestyle is to start immediately reduce consumption not only of meat but also of fish and dairy products. Like? Starting from a first month in which you choose a day of the week in which you do not consume proteins of animal origin and on the other days you avoid eating meat for dinner if you have already done so for lunch. Essential then buy only meat produced from farms where the animals are grazed e reduce portions.

    After this first month, which may seem difficult, Kateman is convinced that the road is all downhill since this is not a drastic choice unlike instead of those who become completely vegetarian (from the statistics it seems that 84% of people in a short time retrace their steps starting to eat meat and therefore failing in their good intentions).

    What do you think of this theory? If you recognized yourself in the reducetarian profile or were thinking of making the same choice, you can share thoughts and photos on social networks using thehashtag #lessmeat.


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