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Reduce Waistline

Do you have strong arms, toned and slender legs, broad shoulders but some fat deposited all over the abdominal area that gives you the so-called donut shape? Why does fat settle in this area and how can we eliminate it?

The donut belly is not a problem, in fact it is a fairly common and easily solved physical conformation. Once aware of this, the first things to take care of will be diet and physical exercise.

Change your lifestyle it is necessary for your physical and mental health.

Start by establishing some short-term goals in order to have more motivation.

The "abdominal donut" is the result of excess fat accumulated around the abdominal area that takes the shape of a real donut, visible in annoying rolls of fat that come out of the pants when our body is in a relaxed position.

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1. Exercises

It is possible to train the abdominal area where this excess fat is concentrated, focusing on some toning exercises that will help you improve your posture and core by increasing the time of your cardio workout.

Here is an example of a typical workout to follow:

  1. 15 minutes of running at a moderate pace. If you are using a treadmill, set it at an incline level that is not too high. Start walking fast and pick up your pace every minute, gradually increasing your heart rate and then slowing down again.
  2. 15 minutes cross trainer. This cardio machine involves the use of the lower and upper limbs simultaneously. It is a great endurance workout that allows for a slight rotational movement, working on the oblique abdominals, lows and back. This exercise should also be done at low intensity.
  3. Leg raises - 3 × 10. Using a dipping bar, a pull-up bar, or even lying on a mat, raise your legs towards your chest, forming a right angle and bring your legs back down. If the movement is initially difficult, bend your knees slightly. This exercise is a good way to train the lower abdomen.
  4. Plank - 3 × 40 seconds. Get on your knees with your elbows on the ground, bring your legs straight back with your feet on your big toes and lift your pelvis, taking care to keep your back straight and parallel to the floor. Keep your stomach in and squeeze your buttocks for about 60 seconds. Rest and if you are not too tired, try to perform the same exercise using a Swiss ball, in order to increase the incline.
  5. Ab wheel - 3 × 10. This little tool will help your abs work better, defining them and making them stronger. This exercise involves the entire abdominal belt and the arms pushing the wheel back and forth.
  6. Abs on Swiss ball (or fitball) - 3 × 10. Lie on your back on a Swiss ball with your knees bent 90 degrees and your feet on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Interlace your fingers behind your head. Push the torso towards the knees, lifting the chest upwards. Stop when your middle back loses contact with the ball. Pause and return to the starting position.
  7. Roman bench for abdominals - 3 × 10. The movement to be performed is exactly the opposite of the abdominals on a Swiss ball. The body is positioned at right angles and faces down on the Roman bench and the back is straight and taut.

2. Power supply

Thinking that fat loss is related to crash diets, fasting and hunger is totally wrong.

In fact, you can achieve maximum results simply by combining a good training program and a healthy and balanced diet.

You need to provide your body with the right nutrients that will aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Training without good nutrition is comparable to a car without fuel, will not allow for muscle development and will cause physical stress.

If your goal is to burn calories then consider using whey protein or protein shakes that will help your body absorb the protein it needs quickly.

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