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That the Fermented red rice is effective in lowering cholesterol is a fact. It is extraordinary that this natural ingredient, in synergy with 3 other plant extracts, can lead to very rapid results (about 3 months) of average reduction of 20% of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides; this if the food supplement is studied with wisdom and care as Liposan Forte Salugea.

It is not the usual single-ingredient supplement of fermented red rice in sachets or in plastic supermarket bottles. Contains 10 mg / day of Monacolin K and high quality titrated dry extracts, an innovative formulation based on multiple plant extracts (plants are more effective and intelligent when they can work together), is stored in vegetable capsules and dark glass pill containers pharmaceutical grade with safety seal, and is a food supplement with a high concentration of active ingredients. Here is the winning recipe of the Salugea house; and it works.


The clinical study

Patients with a common high level of Total cholesterol (mean titre of 269 mg / dl) and at least one second cardio-vascular risk factor (severe vascular events, hypertension, previous cardiac or cerebral ischemia). They hired 2 capsules a day of Liposan Forte Salugea (1 at the end of lunch and 1 immediately after dinner) for 3 consecutive months, suspending the intake for 5 days between one bottle and the next (each bottle contains 62 capsules and covers one month of treatment). Meanwhile, the patients they have not changed their usual eating habits in any way.


Results: approximately 20% decrease in total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides

Truly exceptional i results obtained in just 3 months *: one was registered in the patients reduction of about 20% of Total Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol (the most dangerous) and Triglycerides.

The health consequences of excess lipid values ​​are often represented by heart attacks, strokes, ischemias. Usually individuals with imbalances in these parameters find it difficult to achieve positive results despite paying great attention to nutrition. This happens because cholesterol does not depend solely on what we eat: in addition to exogenous cholesterol (taken with food), there is also a type of cholesterol produced by our own body (endogenous cholesterol), which can hardly be reduced with the diet.

Liposan Forte Salugea was found to be active in significantly reducing both exogenous and endogenous cholesterol and triglycerides, thus improving the person's overall Cardiovascular Risk Index; the efficacy of its active ingredients has been evaluated as equivalent to that of the first level statins *, that is to that of synthetic drugs commonly used to counteract excess cholesterol. Liposan Forte Salugea is probably the best natural cholesterol supplement to date, the perfect solution if you are looking for how to lower cholesterol without drugs.


How can you do

Check your cholesterol and triglyceride values ​​and consult this table of optimal cholesterol values. If you have a cholesterol value at the upper limits of the recommended threshold (200 mg / dl), you can try a today 100% natural remedy, with no significant side effects for its containment. If you are already taking drugs (with known and frequent contraindications), we recommend that you download here the technical material relating to the experimentation conducted with Liposan Forte: you can submit it to your doctor as a possible completely natural integrative approach and monitor the results with him after 3 months of recruitment.

NB In the clinical study mentioned, the patients obtained excellent results by taking Liposan Forte Salugea without changing their eating habits in the meantime. Despite this, we remind you that it is always important to pay attention to the quality of your diet (consuming a lot of seasonal fruit and vegetables) and to carry out adequate and constant physical activity to stay healthy.


Where to buy Liposan Forte Salugea

Salugea produces high quality 100% natural food supplements. The products can be purchased at various pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalists. Contact the company at the toll-free number 800.688.801 to find the store closest to you. We remind you that Liposan Forte and all highly natural Salugea products can also be purchased online on the website or by telephone by calling 800.688.801: delivery takes place within 24/48 working hours.



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