Red lentils, properties and recipes

Properties of red lentils

Delicate, quick to prepare, easier and lighter to digest than the classic ones, red lentils offer that important contribution of vegetable proteins and iron that should not be missed in the diet.

If you also consider the fact that they are low in fat - indeed they contain Omega 3, the "good" fats -, rich in fiber and which do not need to be soaked for preparation, become excellent allies to enrich soups, first courses or special side dishes even for those in a hurry. 


Red lentils, which ones to choose 

Among the reds, the Egyptian lentils, small and without peel, or peeled, as are the Indian coral colored ones, very similar, called masoor dhal, which also exist in the lighter and pinker version, malika masoor dhal.

Red lentils are also produced in the country, especially in areas of the central Apennines, and are distributed by shops specialized in organic and local products. Half a kilo of red lentils from el paesene costs about 3,50-4 euros, while the Indian or Egyptian ones, which can also be purchased in ethnic shops, are cheaper. 

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Recipe with red lentils

An original and exquisite recipe, especially for those who follow one Vegetarian diet o vegan or just love oriental and spicy flavors, it is there Egyptian-style red lentil soup with garlic and lemon

Ingredients 4 people to
> 150 grams of Egyptian peeled red lentils;
> 1 white onion;
> 1 pair of garlic slices;
> 1 couple of tablespoons of tomato sauce or a fresh ripe tomato;
> 1 carrot;
> spices (cumin powder, turmeric, curry, sweet paprika, salt and pepper);
> lemon;
> extra virgin olive oil. 

Rinse the red lentils very well until the water becomes transparent; put them in a large pot where you had already prepared a sauté with chopped onion and garlic, the carrot in small pieces, the tomato, salt to taste, a pinch of cumin, a couple of turmeric, one of curry and one of sweet paprika.

Then add plenty of boiling water and cook for about thirty minutes. Remove the remaining peel of the tomato (if you used the fresh one) and pass it all with the hand blender.
Serve hot, rather liquid, sprinkling each dish with fresh lemon juice (also great because vitamin C helps fix iron) and a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil to taste.

If you want you can also chop a few leaves of coriander fresh. Enjoy your meal!


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