Red ginseng: tonic and aphrodisiac

The tonic benefits of ginseng are many and have been known for some time, used by various peoples and by different medical traditions.

With the generic name "ginseng" we generally refer to one ten species belonging to the genus Panax, all mostly characterized by marked tonic properties that they prove to have. Let's see them more specifically.


Tonic properties of ginseng

Although ginseng is a renowned stimulating adaptogen, it has the ability to positively manage blood pressure and keep the level of sugars and fats under control, thus proving perfect for those who face sports or physical activity with the aim of losing weight or despite some forms of diabetes.

Its action on the bloodstream is not limited here: it allows one greater oxygenation and therefore a consequent increase in physical energy, a decreased feeling of stress it's a improved ability to concentrate.

All the various ginsenoids contained in the ginseng root are ideal for young people, especially children students who need mental energy and ability to concentrate; Sports who subject their body to physical stress and consume a lot of energy; elderly who need support and revitalization.


Ginseng, full of energy against fatigue


Aphrodisiac properties of red ginseng

The wide range of toning and energizing capacities of ginseng also include those relating to the sexual sphere. Particularly, Korean red ginseng proved capable of support male sexual activity, especially in erectile dysfunction.

The decrease in nervous stress and the induction to the production of endorphins and serotonin cause a sense of pleasure and can induce a stimulation of sexual desire and an improvement in the ability to reach orgasm.

Disorders such as the erectile dysfunction el 'anorgasmia, are closely related to a man's level of nervous stress: a stressed man tends to lose energy, a drop in energy often is reflected in a drop in sexual desire, a drop in desire often leads to self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy, which in turn act on a physical level by reducing the ability to maintain an erection or to reach orgasm.

Korean red ginseng can be a valid help in breaking this vicious circle acting simultaneously on all levels: decreasing the effects of stress, invigorating the body, putting vital energies and desire back in motion, supporting the erection thanks to the modulation of blood flow, helping to regain that self-confidence that is often lacking in subjects with difficulty in reaching and sharing the pleasure of orgasm.


Methods of use and contraindications

La dried ginseng root can be used whole, for extracts, decoctions or "ginseng coffee", but on the market there are several products of this root: capsules, vials, powders, ready-made teas.

It is advisable do not give it to children under 5 years old and it is good to remember that for the problems of the sexual sphere there are no miraculous remedies or universal panaceas: as we have said, ginseng "supports" and "helps" but does not solve the problems by itself, especially those related to the psychological sphere.


Ginseng is also used in cosmetics as an anti-aging remedy: discover the recipes


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