Read non-verbal language

Read non-verbal language

Through the movements of the hands or legs, facial expressions or certain gestures, a person speaks even if he does not say anything.

Read non-verbal language

Last update: February 10, 2022

To verify if we can read non-verbal language of a person, we can turn on the television and watch a movie or series (without subtitles), turn off the volume and analyze the dynamics between the characters. We will be stupid to notice that the body can say as much or more than words.

Through hand or leg movements, facial expressions or certain gestures (such as scratching your head, walking from side to side or sitting on the edge of the chair), a person speaks even if he does not say anything.

Can women read non-verbal language better than men?

According to psychologists, women they have a greater ability to interpret non-verbal cues than men. This is perhaps due to the fact that women are more attentive to details or that we observe elements that go unnoticed by men.

A recent study indicates that ease or difficulty in reading non-verbal language depends more on interpersonal goals than on sex or the Sherlock Holmes' detective skills that some may boast.

Perception will therefore depend on what we want to achieve from the other person. For example, if we wish to seduce you, we will reveal certain attitudes that we will not notice during a job interview or when you ask your partner something.

What science says

Scholars also affirm our bodily attitude changes depending on the environment or the person in front of us.

It's not the same talking with an ex-husband who has cheated on us than with the mother-in-law we ask for a recipe; with the best friend to whom we tell what we bought at the mall compared to the colleague who is always better than us or with a teacher to whom we have to complain about a grade.

This means that we all have the ability to adapt to situations, like a chameleon does. It is true that some are more skilled than others, however, that gift can be flaunted at any time.

If we had the ability to press the "mute" button on our conversations with other people, perhaps it would be easier to see if what they say with their mouth is the same as what they say with their body. In most cases, body language doesn't lie, so that's what often betrays us.

It should be made clear that stereotypes or preconceptions often play tricks on us, as do past experiences. If we find ourselves in front of a person "accustomed" to lying to us, all the movements that she will perform with her body will be interpreted as a way to tell the truth, as opposed to what her lips express.

Other factors that influence the way we read non-verbal language ...

The expectations we have about that person (in the same case as before, if it is the partner we love and we fervently hope that for once he will tell us the truth) will also change our perception of what we are observing. Because in the end, there is nothing objective in this life.

On the other hand, the context greatly affects the ability to read non-verbal language. Because questioning an alleged murderer isn't the same as talking to a neighbor about how expensive public transportation is.

Once again, scientific experiments and studies indicate that stereotypes have great power, to the point that they can even modify or influence the perception we have of what happens around us, in this case the non-verbal language of our interlocutor ... And this goes beyond the gender of the person.

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