Raw green coffee for weight loss?

Raw green coffee for weight loss?

What is raw green coffee

Il coffee raw green it is coffee that has not been roasted. It is very different from what we are used to consuming not only in appearance and flavor but also in nutritional properties. Coffee, however, whether it be raw-green or roasted-black, contains caffeine.

La caffeine is a methylxanthine. Methylxanthines are natural molecules with lipolytic action; they can therefore help you lose weight. Raw green coffee contains less caffeine than roasted coffee, but the caffeine contained in raw green coffee is absorbed and therefore eliminated more slowly, thanks to the presence and action of another substance, thechlorogenic acid. In practice, about half an hour after drinking a cup of roasted coffee, there is a peak of caffeine in the blood; this substance is then eliminated and, within a few hours, there is no more in the blood. With raw green coffee, on the other hand, there is no such peak; absorption is slow and continuous; consequently the caffeine remains in the body for several hours, exerting its action for a longer time. In practice, there is the same difference between roasted coffee and raw green coffee as there is between a drug with a short half-life and one with a long half-life. The half-life of raw green coffee allows an effective action, with fewer side effects than roasted coffee; that is, less tachycardia, less insomnia, less diarrhea.


Does raw green coffee make you lose weight?

Il raw green coffee, therefore, it can help you lose weight; this does not mean, however, that it is enough to take raw green coffee to lose weight. The presence of caffeine and the way it is metabolized by the body can help lose weight, but only if the subject eats properly and takes a quantity of calories suited to his lifestyle and physical activity. There is no miraculous substance that can make you lose weight regardless; weight loss and staying fit must always be part of a context of healthy nutrition and proper physical activity. Also, a diet that aims to lose weight should never be the result of doing it yourself; the advice of a specialist is always important to avoid making mistakes that could compromise your health.

That said, raw green coffee is an interesting substance, regardless of one's ability to lose weight. In fact, it contains water-soluble vitamins and minerals and, especially, antioxidants (polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid).

It also has a pH of 5, i.e. close to neutral, unlike the drinks obtained from roasted coffee which, on the other hand, have a pH of 3-3,5, therefore acid. Due to this characteristic, some specialists also recommend raw green coffee to those who suffer from gastritis. However, the issue is controversial. In case of gastritis, therefore, it is always better seek advice from a specialist, who will evaluate the individual case, before taking coffee, be it raw or roasted.




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