Raw Food: 10 raw food recipes that will make even those who are not happy

Have you ever thought about enriching your diet with raw foods? The benefits are immediate. Consuming more natural fruit and vegetables, or using them raw to prepare appetizing recipes, allows us to reduce the intake of ready meals and packaged snacks.

Furthermore, both fruit and many raw vegetables keep their respective ones intact beneficial properties and their content of vitamins and minerals.

Here then 10 ricette crudiste to be experimented to satisfy everyone's palate in an unusual way.


Vegetable spaghetti

- vegetable spaghetti they are a truly original variant of the classic pasta dish. Raw food recipes combine vegetables such as carrots or courgettes, used for the preparation of spaghetti, with appetizing sauces to always be prepared raw, for example with basil, rocket, cherry tomatoes and dried fruit. You can prepare carrot spaghetti with basil and pistachio pesto or courgette spaghetti with red pesto

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Bonèt di Grezzo

Il Hats off it is a typical dessert of the Piedmontese tradition. Raw, the first raw food pastry, chocolate and ice cream shop in your city has revealed the recipe for this dessert in a revisited version according to the raw food diet. Follow the explanations of the video recipe. The result will surprise you.

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Il gazpacho it is a cold vegetable soup, which may also contain fruit, typical of Spain, and to be precise the region of Andalusia. Gazpacho is often prepared completely raw, with ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and with the addition of water to better blend the ingredients. Space for imagination. Here are ten recipes from which to take inspiration for your gazpacho.

Tiramisù crudista

Il Tiramisu your country is one of the most popular sweets in the world. The raw version replaces the classic ingredients of tiramisu with macadamia nuts, dates, almonds, raw cocoa, agave juice and almond milk. To prepare the raw tiramisu, follow the video of Evolutionary Organic Kitchen.

Light peach and avocado ice cream

This peach and avocado ice cream recipe is a vegan recipe and is very simple to make even if you don't own an ice cream maker. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Cauliflower raw couscous


You can prepare a cous cous crudista with the cauliflower, did you know? The cauliflower is used raw, chopping and mincing it until you get grains similar to couscous semolina. In this way you can taste the cauliflower in an alternative version, without worrying about the unpleasant smell it would give off during cooking. You will also need carrots, oranges, squash and pumpkin seeds. THU the complete recipe.

Gelato crudista

How to prepare a completely raw ice cream, with natural ingredients and that excludes milk and eggs. You will need, among other ingredients, ripe bananas, vanilla powder, raw cocoa, and agave juice. Watch the video of Raw Good to learn how to prepare a particularly original version of raw food ice cream.

Raw Bars, raw energy bars

To prepare some energy bars that do not require cooking, you will need a food processor or a mixer to chop the ingredients. You will need dates with pits, grated coconut, almonds, oat bran, lemon juice and zest. You can shape the bars with the help of a knife or with molds and store them in the refrigerator. THU the complete recipe.

sushi vegan crudista alle carote

The raw vegan alternative to classic Japanese seaweed, fish and rice rolls is made with vegetables, such as carrots. You can keep the seaweed, or use the courgettes cut into thin slices, for the outside. This sushi vegan crudista with carrots it has been enriched with peppers, celery and kohlrabi. THU the complete recipe.

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Friggitelli salad, celeriac, courgette and apple


A salad different from the usual salads because it doesn't actually contain green leaves. To prepare it you will need friggitelli green peppers, celeriac, courgettes and apples. You will have to cut the vegetables and fruit into thin slices with the mandolin. You can dress the dish with an emulsion of lemon juice and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

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