Raw cocoa and Moringa: the properties of this raw chocolate

Attention to well-being and prevention is leading us more and more towards a conscious consumption that leads to the purchase of a raw chocolate, raw, that is good, is good and that, in association with the Moringa, can provide us with important nutritional without sinning in taste. However, the characteristics of this chocolate, its properties and the benefits we can obtain from it are not very clear.


What is meant by raw chocolate?

When we talk about raw chocolate, we are referring to a chocolate made with unroasted cocoa beans. Traditional production involves several steps that end with the roasting of the seeds. In a raw production, the cocoa is not roasted thus preventing the seeds from losing the precious nutrients they are rich in.

Raw cocoa, being processed at low temperatures, maintains its organoleptic properties and does not suffer from an impoverishment of nutritional values, with the same taste. There is no need to worry about the bacterial load as, instead of roasting, we proceed with an insufflation of steam for a few seconds.

This technique allows you to eliminate bacteria without affecting the nutritional values. Furthermore, it is a good habit to choose a raw cocoa added only to organic cane sugar to avoid the presence of refined sugars. In fact, white sugar is one of the main causes of diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Brown sugar, on the other hand, is not refined and retains all the minerals, proteins and fibers it is rich in.


What are the benefits of raw chocolate?

First of all, the presence of tryptophan and anandamide in raw chocolate should be highlighted. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid involved in the synthesis of serotonin, known as the "good mood hormone" and for being convertible into melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Anandamide, on the other hand, is a molecule capable of intervening on mood to the point of being defined as a "molecule of bliss".

It is a cannabinoid responsible for the feeling of well-being and happiness. But that's not all, raw chocolate is very useful for the muscles, as it is rich in magnesium, for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. When consumed in moderation, it helps reduce cholesterol levels by limiting the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, it slows down the cellular aging processes thanks to its high antioxidant power.


Cacao Crudo and Moringa

Moringa oleifera, in combination with raw cocoa, gives life to a chocolate that has no equal. Both rich in antioxidants and numerous nutrients, generate a chocolate able to fight oxidative stress, protect the body from pollution damage and provide the vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids necessary to keep us healthy.

To all this is added the protein intake. Both Moringa and cocoa, in fact, are known for the protein content they bring by consuming them in purity. What does it mean in purity? Just as cocoa is defined raw if not toasted, Moringa is also defined pure if not transformed into a dry extract but used naturally.

Treating Moringa in purity means drying it in naturally ventilated dryers, not exceeding approx. 40 °, preserving its proteins, amino acids and all thermosensitive properties.

The mix of raw cocoa and pure Moringa transforms the chocolate bar into a real one dietary supplement… Definitely tastier to take!


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